Calling All Fashionistas and Fashionados!



The Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds, Alabama is looking for the first ever Grand Haul Stars! They are searching for four fabulous superstars that are excitable, spontaneous, and have a knack for talking all things fashion. Auditions for The Outlet Shops of Grand River Grand Haul Stars will be held at The Shops on Saturday, August 10 and 17 from 1pm-4pm.

The casting call will be held at The Outlet Shops of Grand River’s Grand Plaza, where participants will have the opportunity to show off their clothing and beauty knowledge in a 3-5 minute video. In the video, they will need to give a brief description of the item, including the store name and the price, as well as why they like it.

A selection committee comprised of representatives from The Outlet Shops of Grand River, Real People Models and Talent and B-Metro will review the videos to select 3-4 finalists in each category. The finalist videos will be posted on The Outlet Shops of Grand River’s Facebook page for the public vote on Tuesday, August 20th at 5pm. Votes will end on Saturday, August 24th at 5pm. The winner of the Facebook voting will count as 1 vote in final selection process. Winners will be notified on August 26th and announced throughout the month of September.

The selected winners will receive a clothing allotment for each month and be required to shoot one video per month in September, October, November and December. For complete listing of rules and regulations, please visit the Shops of Grand River Facebook Page or No purchase necessary to participate

. . . . .


Grand River Girl, a student, age 18-22, 16+ with parent signature.

Grand River Professional, a young professional, age 23-29.

Grand River Mom, a mom with children still at home, age 30+.

Grand River Guy, a male, age 18+, 16+ with parent signature.

. . . . .

Must be 18 years of age or 16+ with parent’s signature and legal resident of the United States. Participants must be outgoing, well spoken, excitable, knowledgeable about current fashion trends and products and able to react spontaneously. A complete application must be filled out the day of the casting call and will be available on site. Legible copy of your driver’s license will be required. No purchase necessary to participate. During your audition, be prepared to explain why you would be the ideal Grand Haul Star. Signed photograph release is released. All videos become property of The Outlet Shops of Grand River and may be used in any promotional format.

Four Grand Haul Stars will be chosen based on these categories: Grand River Girl, a college student (age 18-22), Grand River Professional, a young professional student (age 23-29),Grand River Mom, a mom (age 30+, with children at home), Grand River Guy, a male (age 18+, 16+ with parent signature). Winners will be chosen no later than August 24, 2013 by a selection committee and notified by phone and email.

. . . . .


Each winner will be given a $150 gift card to The Outlet Shops of Grand River each month. They must shop and tape their segment based on the information below.

All videos will be filmed on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. Each Grand River Haul Star can pick up their gift card at Guest Services located in the Food Court beginning on the Shopping Start Date for their designated segment. A valid driver’s license is required for pick up. Clothing items must be new with tags still on them when filmed. Filming of the segment will take place at a predetermined location at The Outlet Shops of Grand River.

. . . . .

For more information on The Outlet Shops of Grand River, please visit or contact Alicia Rohan at 205-908-7569 or

So, fashionistas and fashionados…put on your best ensemble, practice your fashion lingo, and head on over to The Outlet Shops of Grand River August 10 and 17 from 1pm-4pm to try your luck at becoming The Shops Grand Haul Star!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Something’s Fishy, Jack!


Hello, fabulouses! It is that time of the week again…Weekly Whistle time! Yep, you got it!

Before this summer thunderstorm knocks out my Charter internet…let’s see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is! Come on, fashionistas!

IMG_0410 IMG_0424 IMG_0432 IMG_0404 IMG_0368 IMG_0403 IMG_0341 IMG_0425

Hat: Blu Gertrude, Deep South Pout

Blouse: Deep South Pout

Shorts: Target

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Something About the VIP:

I admit…my favorite fast food restaurant is Jack’s.  I am a sucker for a Blue Bell orange sherbet ice cream cone and a fried chicken sandwich–plain–no mayo. no tomato. no lettuce.  Yes…I probably should have said my favorite thing to eat is salad…but that would be a flat out lie.  Can my choice of fast food be justified by the fact I order it without mayo, lettuce, and tomato?


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Accessories Challenge: First Strapless Dress of Summer!


Hello, VIP fashionistas! Let’s kick off this amazing week with an amazing VIP Accessories Challenge! For those of you who are just now joining me on my blogging adventure…or for those of you who simply forgot what a VIP Accessories Challenge is–don’t nod your head no…it’s okay–we all forget things–especially me. I forget to take my laundry upstairs pretty much every single day–Anyway…an Accessories Challenge is where I take one outfit and swap out ONLY accessories to create a variety of looks with ease! Oh….fashionistas can never have too many accessories!

Now, without further ado…I present to you the VIP’s Accessories Challenge with a sunshine yellow strapless dress from Deep South Pout in Starkville, Mississipp! Whoo hoo!

IMG_9182 IMG_9188 IMG_9190 IMG_9203


Mixing metallics is a fun and easy way to create a superbly chic look that adds pizazz to any and all summer ensembles! Who said you cannot mix gold and silver together? Well…it was not the VIP!


 Dress: Deep South Pout

Belt: Personal Vintage Collection (Truth is…I took it out of my mom’s closet…shhh…)

Heels: Avon

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain

Bracelet: Belk–Trussville, AL

IMG_9218 IMG_9219 IMG_9210 IMG_9227 IMG_9236 IMG_9222


A sassy twist to any floor-length strapless dress is color blocked sandals! Beating the summer heat has never been so stylish! Thanks, Gus Mayer, for a wonderful selection of spectacular sandals!


Dress: Deep South Pout

Sandals: Circus by Sam Edelman, Gus Mayer

Peach Bracelet: Deep South Pout

Green & Turquoise Bracelet: StephieGknits by Stephanie Grantham

Necklaces:  Personal Vintage Collection (aka my mom’s closet)

IMG_9277 IMG_9279 IMG_9282 IMG_9280


Tie up floor-dusting dresses to create a more casual style that is perfect for a coffee trip!…let’s admit it…we all love and NEED our Starbucks runs, BUT we gotta’ look super cute!


Dress: Deep South Pout

Vest: VIP DIY–Click here to see the very first VIP DIY!

Sandals: Circus by: Sam Edelman, Gus Mayer

Belt: Target

Glasses: BCBG MazAzria (yes, these are my REAL glasses.)

Bracelet: Beadsoul by Lisa Hamilton

IMG_9247 IMG_9255 IMG_9258 IMG_9257 IMG_9260


I will throw in a personal testimony for all of my blonde readers out there! I was a tad bit nervous to wear this luscious yellow dress because I was afraid it would clash and look terrible with my blonde hair…BUT it doesn’t–it looks fabulous! At the end of the day, blondes can sport yellow–I am not really sure who told me they couldn’t….hmm…


Dress: Deep South Pout


Heels: OBT, Gus Mayer

Bracelet: Deep South Pout

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain


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Abby Hathorn

One Top, Six Ways: Part One


Hello, my magnificently fabulous fashionistas! Summer vacations, last minute weekend getaways, and hunky lifeguards on the beach are vastly approaching…Hey, boys! *said in flirty voice* haha…but what will you be wearing on these lovely weekends? That is the question…what to wear…what to wear….hmmmm…..


Whether your trip is planned or spur of the moment, this Michael Stars top from Gus Mayer is a MUST HAVE for summer! This slouchy yet sleek T-shirt is easily dressed up or down by changing out the bottoms (shorts, skirts, knickerbockers, trousers…) and wearing different accessories! Now, strap on your fashionista seatbelts as I show you three ways to wear this glorious top!  Visit me next week to see THREE MORE WAYS! Ahh!  This blouse is the perfect summer go-to-item!

Grab your vintage suitcase, and go with the flow!

IMG_8402 IMG_8398 IMG_8379 IMG_8375 IMG_8393IMG_8384Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Shorts: Target (Trussville, AL)

Shoes: OTBT, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Necklaces: BluKat Design


Hello, leopard and turquoise!

 IMG_8458 IMG_8473 IMG_8479 IMG_8482 IMG_8488IMG_8483

Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Skirt: Thrifted

Earrings: Hearts of Stone

Necklace: BluKat Design


Green high-waisted military shorts? Yes, please!

 IMG_8496 IMG_8518 IMG_8517 IMG_8489 IMG_8501Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Birmingham, AL)

Belt: American Eagle (Trussville, AL)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Necklace and Bracelets: Beadsoul


Don’t forget to come back next week to see three more ways to wear this spectacular top!


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle: Lovely Leaves and Cute Corduroy

Hello, hello, hello, fashionistas! What a wonderful Wednesday on this magnificent fall afternoon! It is Wednesday, and y’all know what that means….WEEKLY WHISTLE! *Happy dance*

Jacket: Lucky Brand
Shirt: Yuengling Brewery-America’s Oldest Brewery. (Pottsville, PA)
Corduroy pants: The Loft
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Nine West




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