Beauty Tues: Beauty Journal Entry 3, Pretty In Pink Products!

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues. It is that time of the week again where we add another fabulous entry to our VIP Beauty Journals, and this week's entry is all about being pretty in pink products! Last week, blues and BB King...and this week, pinks and Pretty in Pink--oh, my! What is not [...]

VIP Interview: Lizzie Mae of ForgottenCotton

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!  Recently, I interviewed the fabulously talented Lizzi Mae of ForgottenCotton on my sister blog; however, I saved a few questions for the VIP, of course *wink* In addition to ForgottenCotton being pictured on VIP outfit posts, ForgottenCotton has also been featured on BuzzFeed, Four Kicks Style, and [...]

Three Ways to Wear Thursday: A Sweater/Legging/Scarf Template + VIP Styling Tips

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Ah...Thursdays. The glorious day where we anxiously await Friday. One thing that helps the time pass faster is, of course, the VIP's Three Ways to Wear every Thursday! So, whether you are Working For the Weekend *cue Loverboy* or you are gearing up for a Super Bowl party, this [...]

Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Puffy Vest Made Cute & Comfy with Ease

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! With the weather still wild and wintry outside, I broke down and purchased a puffy vest from Dick's Sporting Goods at the Johnson City Mall. When I first tried on this fabulous North Face vest, I assumed that it would simply become a casual, warm piece; however, [...]

Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Golden Skirt from Serendipity Boutique

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Before I dive deep into this week's Three Ways to Wear, I must say that it is absolutely freezing here, and this Mississippi-raised girl does not know how to handle it! My mom and I were huddling around the oven (yes, really--the oven) and eating pizza while my [...]