VIP Scrapbook: DSW Shoe Love Party with B-Metro Magazine

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Special thanks to the VIP fans who tuned in for the live blogging/social media broadcast of the DSW Shoe Love Party at Colonial Brookwood Village in Birmingham!  It was so much fun getting to work with B-Metro Magazine and Erica Bunker of D.I.Y. Style for this shoe-tacular event, and I [...]

30 Day J.Crew Challenge: Give Me More Brights

Hello, my fabulouses! What is better than a bright floral pencil skirt, hot pink V-neck, and sunshine yellow scarf? Hmm....Diet Pepsi? Maybe, but I have reached my soda limit for today. So, instead of drinking another ice cold glass of diet beverage, let's take a sip of something tastefully styled--today's J.Crew Challenge outfit! Come on, [...]