Throwback Thursday: This Time Last Year…

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! has been quite work-filled. After my morning bike ride around downtown, I jumped head-first into my apartment patio project--leveling ground, adding sand, laying concrete stepping stones, adding marble rock, and ruining a perfectly good manicure--all while Ziva played with the leftover sand and my photographer snapped [...]

VIP Scrapbook: Gabriel Tajeu Performs at the Shelby County Arts Council

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP!  What did you do for Valentine's Day? Well, the VIP attended Gabriel Tajeu's concert at the Shelby County Arts Council in Columbiana, Alabama, and it was loads of fun! I had such a fabulous time dancing the night away to Gabriel's music that I just had to share [...]

Gabriel Tajeu “Finding My Way” First Solo Album Release

With heartfelt lyrics and a smooth R&B sound, Gabriel Tajeu’s album “Finding My Way” will be a timeless playlist for all music lovers.  His tunes are perfect for lounging by the pool or driving down the interstate.  There is no way to resist the desire to hum along. "Finding My Way is a Pop, R&B style—the lyrics are [...]

Tennessee Williams Tribute: “Kingdom of Earth”

A storm 's a brewin'...the flood waters are a risin'...the levee 's a breakin' eerie Mississippi night.  All the citizens, doctors, law enforcement, and even "the help" has fled for them higher grounds...except for one lost soul...soon to be joined by two mo', who seems to be runnin' toward the danger instead of aways from it... [...]

Weekly Whistle:Perfect Pearls & Musician Gabriel Tajeu

Hello, hello fashion and music lovers! Y'all are in for a special treat today on the VIP blog! I know, I did not post Weekly Whistle yesterday, but it was for a good and fabulous reason! I was interviewing the spectacular musician and singer, Gabriel Tajeu! Oh my gracious, readers, Gabriel is so terrific! Click here [...]