VIP Interview: Denim Experts Chip & Pepper


Hello, my fabulouses! How many of us truly hate trying on and shopping for jeans? I know I do! However, when I slipped into my first pair of Chip & Pepper jeans in the dressing room, I immediately fell in love. I am not much of a “jean-wearer,” but the luxurious feel and fabulous fit of Chip & Pepper denim made me feel like I was not even wearing jeans. Now, THAT is good-quality denim!

The VIP with Chip (on left) and Pepper (on right) at Belk College Night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Chip and Pepper Foster are totally awesome twin brothers that not only have a splendid passion for creating exquisite quality denim at an affordable price, but also have super spunky and fun personalities that make me wish I had an identical twin!

Abby: Y’all are so fun! Y’all make me want to have a twin!

Chip: You can!

Abby: Can I be y’all’s twin?

Chip: Yeah!

Pepper: Yeah!

Chip: He’s Salt (pointing at Salt) and he’s Pepper–so you have to pick a condiment. You can be like ketchup or mustard.

Abby: I’ll be mustard.

Chip: She’ll be mustard! Now, it is Chip, Mustard, Pepper, and Salt!

Pepper: It’s great!

Chip and Pepper picking out jeans for the VIP.
Chip and Pepper picking out jeans for the VIP.

“We want everyone to have our brand, not just boutiques…and that is why we started this exclusive launch with Belk. If these jeans were on the West Coast, it would cost about $200, but here [at Belk] you can get a pair [of jeans] for about $70….It was a really good choice for Pepper and me to make a change where everyone could have our brand and experience good quality denim at a fair price,” explained Chip Foster as he was picking out jeans for the VIP.


“From clothing lines and music videos, to barbecue sauce and cartoons, identical twin brothers, Chip and Pepper Foster have done it all with energy that makes most heads spin.” ( Oh, my head was spinning as I learned more about the spectacularly  twin brothers and their hot, traffic-stopping denim brand during the VIP interview.

Abby: How would you describe the Chip & Pepper brand?

Pepper: Hot.

Chip: Yeah, yeah! I would definitely say “hot!

Pepper: Hot, sexy, delicious, soft, and the-right-price.

Abby: What makes the Chip & Pepper brand stand out?

Pepper: It is 100 percent us. All of the energy that Chip and I have put into it has been awesome!

Chip: We have been doing this for like 24 years, and we believe in giving our customers unbelievably good quality.

Abby: Chip, describe yourself in five words.

Chip: Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Abby: Pepper, describe yourself in five words.

Pepper: I have no idea…that’s a crazy question, Abby! Hm….Well, I am crazy but never lazy…I am energized like the Energizer Bunny…I am also energetic…anything can happen, if you let it.

Pause in the interview as we all put on funky glasses to take silly pictures.


Abby: What color best describes you?

Chip: I am kind of like a light blue…but I like to wear pink too…So, I don’t know! I cannot decide!

Pepper: I’m tie-dyed!

Chip: He is mixed-up tie-dye! I like that, Pep!

Abby: *laughing*

Chip: Your laugh is the best! You have a great laugh!

Abby: Well, thanks, Chip! *laughing again*


Abby: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Chip: I love roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate.

Pepper: I love that. I have never had a chance to eat that!

Chip: You have to get them in Northern Canada or in England. I am telling you that they are the best there!

Pepper: I like the richest pistachio ice cream.

Abby: I like pistachio ice cream, too!

Chip: Me too!

Pepper: I love it! It’s my favorite!


Abby: What is one item in your closet you would never toss out and why?

Chip: My Van Halen rock shirt with cut off sleeves!

Abby: I have an REO Speedwagon shirt like that! I love it!

Pepper: I have lots of good rock shirts!

Abby: We could totally have fun in each other’s closets!

Pepper: Oh, yeah!

Chip: He [Pepper] has great stuff!


Pepper: I would never toss out these boots [pointing at his shoes] because they will never go out of style.

Abby: Those are so cool! I saw them when we were first introduced–I think they are totally awesome boots!

Pepper: These are hand cobbled. I love the way they round at the top…kind of like Popeye!

Abby: They are fantastic!

Pepper: Thanks, Abby!

Chip: You are so cool, Abby!

Pepper: Give us a hug!

Chip: Yeah, yeah! Give us a hug!


Best. Jeans. Ever. The VIP LOVES Chip & Pepper denim!
Best. Jeans. Ever.
The VIP LOVES Chip & Pepper denim!

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In addition to the Belk College Night event and the mega exciting interview, I got the twins to sign my new Chip & Pepper jeans…not on the inside pocket like everyone else…but on the outside. So, Chip and Pepper autographed the flare of the jeans as well as the booty of the jeans right below the belt loop. (See slideshow pictures above.)


Years from now, I can see these jeans framed and hanging on a wall in my house somewhere–what a fabulous keepsake from a spectacular interview!  I love y’all, Chip and Pepper! Come back to Alabama anytime–the VIP will make sure you are treated to a fun time:) Y’all stay fabulous!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn