Beauty Tues: Inspired by Katharine Hepburn


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues. 

This week for VIP Beauty Tues, I have been inspired by Katharine the Great–aka Katharine Hepburn. 

Katharine Hepburn is best known for her menswear style in the fashion world; however, there is not a lot of chit-chat about her makeup. The VIP decided that needed to change *wink* Katharine’s minimal makeup look is one that I see becoming an everyday favorite of mine because it is simple, quick, and the products are pretty basic. *yay* There is nothing I love more than makeup that is short, sweet, and to the point. 

Get the details below + a few makeup tips and share your “Inspired by Katharine Hepburn” makeup look with me on Facebook here or by mentioning @AbbyHathorn on Twitter and IG

One thing I have noticed in stalking Katharine Hepburn's style is that she focused a lot on contouring, especially at the cheeks. So, I used Lancome's Blush Subtil Palette in 359 Framboise Flirt to achieve that look.  Basic Contouring Tip: DO NOT USE THE SAME BRUSH FOR EACH COLOR--major no no. Invest in good contouring brushes--Sephora actually has a special brush set here.
One thing I have noticed from stalking Katharine Hepburn’s style is that she focused a lot on contouring–especially at the cheeks. So, I used Lancome’s Blush Subtil Palette in 359 Framboise Flirt to help achieve that Katharine-Hepburn-inspired look.
Basic Contouring Tip: DO NOT USE THE SAME BRUSH FOR EACH COLOR–major no no. Invest in good contouring brushes–Sephora actually has a special brush set here.

Keep the eyes simple.  I used Make Up For Ever's Pinky Beige (Iridescent) shadow all over and added a bit of infuses to the outer crease of the lid with Too Faced's Innocent.
Keep the eyes simple.
I used Make Up For Ever’s Pinky Beige (Iridescent) shadow all over and added a bit of emphasis to the outer crease of the lid with Too Faced’s Innocent. For liner, I took Laura Mercier’s Stormy Grey Kohl Eye Pencil and created a subtle line right at the edge of my lashes. Basic Tip: If you have light eyes like me, this helps to “open up the eyes” giving a fresh-face look. Also, I finished off the eyes with Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

Last but not least--LIPS! Y'all know how crazy I am about lip color *wink* So, I of course love the small punch of coral. This shade is Fleur De Feu from Guerlain.
Last but not least–LIPS!
Y’all know how crazy I am about lip color *wink* So, I added a small punch of coral to this makeup look using Fleur De Feu from Guerlain.

TAH DAH! A VIP makeup look inspired by one of my favorite actresses and style icons, Katharine Hepburn! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my twist on Katharine the Great's fabulous menswear ensembles *wink*
TAH DAH! A VIP makeup look inspired by one of my favorite actresses and style icons, Katharine Hepburn! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my twist on Katharine the Great’s fabulous menswear ensembles *wink*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Beauty Tues: Campus-Ready Makeup in 5 Easy Steps (A fresh, everyday makeup look perfect for makeup mavens to pre-teens/newbies)


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to this week’s Beauty Tues!

Summer is here, and with it comes hot and humid weather…which is, of course, not suitable for the usual dark eye shadows and heavy makeup. So…what do we girls do? We love wearing makeup and feeling pretty no matter the season! Oh, ladies, take a deep breath! It is all going to be okay because I have 5 easy steps + products to make fresh and simple makeup looks a breeze! 

Now, let’s take a look at what we will need to get started…


What you will need:

Keep scrolling to see the products I use to complete this look. P.S. I love them! 

  • Pale pink eye shadow (shimmer is optional)
  • Grey eyeliner (light brown also works well–but NO BLACK)
  • Basic black mascara (light/relaxed hold–this is NOT the time to use a super-mega, lash-boosting mascara)
  • Peach blush (peach-toned blushes with a combined bronzer gives cheeks a sun-kissed feel)
  • Light pink or nude lipstick (look for lipsticks or glosses that have a bit of shine)


Products I use:


The 5 Steps to achieve this look + application details:

One thing I love about this look is that it is not only perfect for summer and campus in the fall, but it is also fabulous for pre-teens and makeup newbies!

*Apply foundation or tinted moisturizer as normal*

*For tips on finding your perfect foundation color + nifty tricks on how to apply and hide blemishes, check out the VIP video here*

  1. Apply pale pink eye shadow all over each lid with a large shadow brush. (I recommend Lancome’s “All Over Shadow” brush here)
  2. Line each top eyelid with light grey eyeliner just enough to define the shape of the eyes. An easy trick to mastering subtle eyeliner is to take your time and follow as close to the upper lash line as possible.
  3. Lightly coat lashes with black mascara and use an eyelash curler–if desired.
  4. Dust the apples of your cheeks (make a fishy face…there ya’ go…now, see those pretty apples *wink*) with peach, bronzer-infused blush with a medium-sized “fluffy” brush or blush brush. (I recommend this one from Sephora.) After applying color to the apples of the cheeks, lightly blend the color along the cheekbone to achieve a sun-kissed look. *NOTE: The key to blush is starting light with color and working up to the desired depth of hue.
  5. Apply light pink/nude lipstick as normal and add a sparkling or clear gloss for more shimmer. 
BONUS! Steal the VIP’s fav summer nail polish! It’s Orly Nail Lacquer in “Hot Shot” avaliable at Sally’s Beauty Supply or online here.

Did you find this beauty blog helpful? If so, what did you love the most about it? Shoot the VIP an email here–we would love to hear from you! Also, if you need or want to see a specific beauty look/tutorial on the blog, email the VIP team your ideas!, too! 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Beauty: March Madness Selfie Series + Lip Tips

Lip Inspiration

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP Beauty Tues!

This week, we are going to chat about the VIP March Madness Selfie Series! What is that, you ask? Well, the VIP March Madness Selfie Series is a VIP Instagram and Twitter exclusive (so exclusive…I put it in italics *wink*) where I will post a new selfie each day featuring a different lip color. This fab series will begin Friday, March 7th. Feel free to join in on the fun and show me your lipstick of the day by hashtagging: #VIPMarchMadness & #VIPSelfieSeries Also, don’t forget to tag @VintagePassionista on your Instagram pictures and @AbbyHathorn on your twitter pictures. 

 Now, I want to give y’all a little sneaky peeky of the lipstick brands that will be featured on the VIP March Madness Selfie Series–Chanel, Lancome, Guerlain, and more! Speaking of Guerlain…Did you know that Fiat and Guerlain partnered to create 250 limited edition Fiat 500/500Cs inspired by Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire perfume? OMG…I think I am in love. When purchasing  one of the limited edition Fiats, buyers will also get a Guerlain makeup kit, 100 mL of La Petite Robe Noire, 30 mL of Velvet Body Milk, black mascara, nail lacquer, and Teracotta 4 Seasons in Tint Nude powder. Oh, this is so perfect…I love Fiat and Guerlain! Could it get any better? I am pretty sure I have found my dream car; however, these limited edition Fiats have been designed exclusively for the French market *sad face* A girl can dream…right? 


Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty with some awesome lip tips from the fabulous makeup experts at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham! 

1.  Apply bold or dark lipsticks with a lip brush to help prevent the color from bleeding. No one likes lipstick bleeding…yuck.

2.  Nude lips are like pearls–they go with everything; however, finding a nude lipstick shade that flatters your skin color is key. If you are unsure which nude hues work for you, ask a makeup specialist :)

3.  There are so many different shades of lipstick out there, so why should we limit ourselves to just one or two? Hm…we shouldn’t! Branch out and buy that orange lipstick you have been fan girling over in the latest issue of InStyle! Tell yourself YOU CAN work that color–just imagine the office hallways as runways…you got this! *fist in the air* 


Now, before y’all go, remember to stay tuned to the VIP Facebook page for updates on the VIP Flash Giveaways because y’all will not know when they are coming until they are randomly announced on the Facebook page!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

March Inspiration + Tips for Shopping on a Budget


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

With spring only a few weeks away, I feel like I need to rush out and buy lots of flowy skirts and tank tops; however, I really need to take a deep breath and calm down before splurging on every cute thing I see…*inhale…exhale…* *wink*
March Inspiration
This month, I am taking a little inspiration from my 30 Day J.Crew Challenge and Grand Haul series with the Outlet Shops of Grand River to shop and create a variety of outfits on a budget. What I learned from those two blog challenges will help me create the VIP March Madness series. Now, I am going to share three VIP tips for shopping on a budget because I want y’all to join in on the VIP March Madness! :)
1. Gather your inspiration: Polyvore and Pinterest are brilliant tools–use them to your advantage! Create a style Pinterest board or a Polyvore collection of pieces that you like so that you do not splurge on items that you will only wear once–do not nod your head like you have never done that…we have all done it…even me…Don’t judge me! That Michael Kors trench coat was way too fabulous to pass up *wink* 
2. Set a Budget: Create a monthly shopping budget, and try your hardest to stick to it–don’t let that Michael Kors trench coat tempt you…let it go on sale…let it go on sale…*deep breath* For budgeting inspiration, check out Budding Fashionista–she really knows how to find some awesome deals and create spiffy outfits while sticking to a budget–I like to call her the Budgeting Fashionista sometimes *wink*
3. Make a Shopping Plan: There are so many options when you go to the mall–the bright window displays are like those purple bug lights, and we fashionistas are curiously distracted moths. You cannot help but to wander inside to see what cute things you can find, and then you come out with a receipt that’s as long as your arm…been there. done that. So, something I’ve learned to do is make a shopping plan to visit only five stores. If I still have money left in my budget after visiting those stores, I will browse other stores. Making a shopping plan keeps me level-headed and on task rather than distracted and running around the mall like Phoebe on that episode of Friends where she is running around the park flailing her arms. *wink*
Now, I am off to make a shopping plan…stay tuned for a VIP video soon where I will give y’all a sneak peek of all the cute stuff I have for the VIP March Madness outfit challenge! Whoo hoo!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: How to Achieve a Dramatic Eye with Guerlain


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to this week’s VIP Beauty Tues News!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means–happy couples will celebrate and we single ladies will be left with our two favorite men–Ben and Jerry *wink* Hm…what do you say we make this year different? Single ladies–grab your single gal pals and prepare for a fabulous Girls’ Night Out!

Hello, flirt alert! Try the Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs 01 Two Rock palette  for a fantastic dramatic eye look that will make the guys stop and stare as you and your besties dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” all night long *wink* All the single ladies (All the single ladies)! All the single ladies (All the single ladies)!

IMG_0269 IMG_0264

Where can you get the sassy and sexy Guerlain Two Rock palette? Visit the Guerlain counter at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham or click here to shop online.

Come back next week to see how the VIP complete’s this fabulous look with some kickin’ eyeliner!

PS: I have had several fan emails asking where I got the heart ring I have been wearing lately–Pandora! It is so cute and fabulous that I must wear it all of the time *wink*
If you are near The Summit in Birmingham, run by the Pandora store or click here to shop online!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn