Beauty Tues: Campus-Ready Makeup in 5 Easy Steps (A fresh, everyday makeup look perfect for makeup mavens to pre-teens/newbies)

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to this week's Beauty Tues! Summer is here, and with it comes hot and humid weather...which is, of course, not suitable for the usual dark eye shadows and heavy makeup. So...what do we girls do? We love wearing makeup and feeling pretty no matter the season! Oh, ladies, take a deep [...]

VIP Beauty: March Madness Selfie Series + Lip Tips

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP Beauty Tues! This week, we are going to chat about the VIP March Madness Selfie Series! What is that, you ask? Well, the VIP March Madness Selfie Series is a VIP Instagram and Twitter exclusive (so exclusive...I put it in italics *wink*) where I will post a new selfie [...]

Beauty Tues: How to Achieve a Dramatic Eye with Guerlain

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to this week’s VIP Beauty Tues News! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means--happy couples will celebrate and we single ladies will be left with our two favorite men--Ben and Jerry *wink* Hm...what do you say we make this year different? Single ladies--grab your [...]