VIP Interview: Celebrity Handbag Designer Mary Frances at Belk Phipps Plaza Atlanta, Georgia

Glamorous, playful, and unique are three words that describe the handcrafted accessories designed by Mary Frances. As I chatted with Mary at her special appearance at Belk Phipps in Atlanta, Georgia, I was blown away with her love of the craft and her customers. "I do not come out to personal appearances very often, but when [...]

Project Runway Season 12 Contestant Ken Laurence from Birmingham, Alabama

I was so delighted to meet and interview Project Runway Season 12 Contestant Ken Laurence at his Project Runway Premiere Party.  Ken Laurence is a true Southern gentleman with a fabulous passion for creating gorgeous and flawlessly tailored garments.  The more I chatted with Ken--the more I fell head over heels for his design aesthetic.  I was so inspired by [...]

The Local Fashion Advantage by Renowned Fashion Designer Hilton Hollis

Renowned fashion designer Hilton Hollis, a proud Mississippi native, was born in Natchez and brought up in Carthage.  He attended elementary school at “The Old School” in Carthage.  When Hilton received word of its possible destruction, he was devastated and knew that he had to do something to help preserve it.  His connections to not [...]