Motivational Monday: The Bouncy Castle Known as Life

Hello, fabulouses! Today is Motivational Monday.  I am personally living by the saying "I don't care how old I am; I'm going in the bouncy castle!" The topic of today's Motivational Monday is "growing up"--more or less.  Earlier today, I looked back at old blogs to see what I was doing in June 2012--what I was [...]

Weekly Whistle: Whistle While You Work

Hello, hello, hello, my fabulous fashionistas! As y'all know, today is Wednesday! Oh, how I just LOVE Wednesdays because that means it is time for Weekly Whistle! Yipee! VIP Tip: Always whistle while you work, but more importantly, look FABULOUS while you work! To see more photos from this photo shoot, visit my "InStyle Inspiration: September 2012" [...]