Weekly Whistle: July Round Up


Hello, my fabulouses! Let’s roundup the month of July fantastically by recapping Weekly Whistles!  Oh…how I love glancing back at outfits of the week each month–it is always fun! So, come on fashionistas, let’s get fabulous!

American Flags, Picnics, & Watermelons:

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IMG_1280 IMG_1278 IMG_1291

Something’s Fishy, Jack!

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IMG_0341 IMG_0377 IMG_0424

A Day At the Salon with Brantley Willis

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IMG_0529 IMG_0537 IMG_0552

Local Fashion Advantage Hilton Hollis Runway 2013

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IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1717


IMG_1981 IMG_1986 IMG_1989

Blouse: Loft, Outlet Shops of Grand River (Leeds, AL)

Trousers: Deep South Pout (Starkville, MS)

Shoes: Michael Kors

Belt: Anthropologie

Earrings: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Something’s Fishy, Jack!


Hello, fabulouses! It is that time of the week again…Weekly Whistle time! Yep, you got it!

Before this summer thunderstorm knocks out my Charter internet…let’s see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is! Come on, fashionistas!

IMG_0410 IMG_0424 IMG_0432 IMG_0404 IMG_0368 IMG_0403 IMG_0341 IMG_0425

Hat: Blu Gertrude, Deep South Pout

Blouse: Deep South Pout

Shorts: Target

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Something About the VIP:

I admit…my favorite fast food restaurant is Jack’s.  I am a sucker for a Blue Bell orange sherbet ice cream cone and a fried chicken sandwich–plain–no mayo. no tomato. no lettuce.  Yes…I probably should have said my favorite thing to eat is salad…but that would be a flat out lie.  Can my choice of fast food be justified by the fact I order it without mayo, lettuce, and tomato?


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

V.I.P. Special Event: MAC

MAC is an acronym for "Makeup Art Cosmetics".

The MAC event was one of the most darling things I have attended thus far on my V.I.P. adventures. It was such an honor to be invited  to blog about this makeup extravaganza! Watching the makeup artists show off their impressive skills was fabo! “Look here. U got the look (U got the look). U must’a took (U must’a took). A whole hour just 2 make up your face, baby” Oh excuse me… U Got the Look by Prince just totally had to be sung there…while I am off topic…I gave up fried foods for Lent this year…oh, how I love fried chicken sandwiches from Jack’s…don’t judge me!

Khaliah, the manager of MAC in Trussville, working on a client.

You might be wondering how MAC was started…well, in 1984 two men by the names of Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo put their heads together and decided to found a fantastical cosmetics business. Frank Toskan was a legit fashion photographer and makeup artist, and Frank Angelo was the owner of a chain of hair salons. With both men having a marvelous knowledge and experience with makeup, fashion, and hair, their business was destined to succeed. Frank and Frank wanted to design a line of products that would not only appeal to the unique needs of professional makeup artists, but also one that would be diverse enough to stay “in style” forever…and ever…and ever…(I whispered that…Oh, how I love iCarly…)

One of the most interesting things I ascertained with my computer while researching the history of MAC was the establishment of the MAC AIDS Fund, which provides help to men and women that are living with AIDS. All the proceeds from their “Viva Glam” collection goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund…how inspiring…

MAC cosmetics has a plethora of different shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks! This is anything but mundane!

This exclusive MAC event was held at the Belk in Trussville, Alabama by appointment only. These incredible ladies adroitly created personalized looks for each customer. As I watched the artists perform their magic, I was amazed! Michelle, who helped me pick out my makeup, shared with me a little secret about the brush they all adore and use for everything! Please see picture below… as I said before, it is a secret…”secret…. agent….man….” that’s all the words I know…I don’t even know who sings it, and I don’t feel like looking it up right now…because I really want a Jack’s chicken sandwich, but I gave that up for Lent…I’m…I’m okay with that…


Michelle posing with the "superhero brush"

I had such a great time talking to these MAC girls. What a privilege watching them in action! They all called each other Boo…how precious!

An absolutely gorgeous job by Joy!

The purpose of this MAC event was to  introduce the new limited edition line of blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows…I am the proud owner of  Optmistic Orange blush and So Vain lipstick, which is part of this limited edition line. The theme of this event was “vintage”–perfect for a V.I.P. They all looked so adorable! I wish I could have gotten a picture with all them; however, my goodness, they were sooooo busy with clients! I shall have to visit them again soon…I can always come up with an excuse to go to Belk;)

Kim explaining makeup application to one of her clients.

At Birmingham Fashion Week this year, MAC artists worked exclusively backstage! I have to give them props for a wonderful job! I cannot wait for Birmingham Fashion Week 2013!

Below are some of my favorite pictures I took at the MAC event…Hope you enjoy!:)

Joyce showing off her beautiful customer after she had created her a new look! Such a magnificent job!
Khaliah consulting a client.

Part of the limited edition collection...isn't that a fabulous ad picture!

eyeshadow out the wazoo...oh, how I love MAC!
Wouldn't you like one of each?
This is makeup paradise...
Me in the1964 dress I have been telling you all about! (Taken by my mom...Bless.)

Remember when I told you guys I was going to show off pictures of me in the 1964 dress…Well, it is a verbose and humorous story involving torrential rains, a bad hair day, and aching feet…It was a hapless day; however, from it was born a brilliant idea for a blog…I will not get into the details, but it involves an abundance of shoes and accessories… I want to apologize for my mom’s poor photography skills… Bless… she is a great artist, but she cannot take a decent picture to save her life…sorry,  Mom.

I am wearing Rachel Leathers's Oscar Loves Boho Chic earrings which will be gifted at the Academy Awards 2012. It is one of several styles being gifted at the 2012 GBK Prodcutions Luxury Gift Lounge in honor of the Academy Awards.

Next time, I will be blogging about my interview with Rachel Leathers, owner of Hearts of Stone Jewelry! Rachel is a part of The Artisan Group and has made jewelry for charity and celebrity events. I feel like such a celeb wearing them…I am so pumped up about sharing Rachel Leathers’s interview and pictures because she is truly extraordinary!


Abby Hathorn

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Work cited: http://www.moderncosmetics.com/how-was-mac-cosmetics-started-the-history-of-mac-cosmetics