J.Crew Challenge: Outfit 1; Book Sale


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to the 2014 J.CREW CHALLENGE! Ahh!

Can you believe it is finally here! Oh, it’s as exciting as Christmas morning. You know there are presents under the tree…you can see them…you can count how many…BUT you do not know what’s inside. Oh, decorating my apartment for Christmas is going to be so much fun! I think I want a navy blue tree with silver and gold decorations! Wouldn’t that be fab!

Okay–I am so sorry, y’all…I am quite distracted today. Perhaps three Pumpkin Spice Lattes were two cups too many *wink* Now, before I get distracted by something else, let’s take a look at the FIRST outfit of the 2014 J.Crew Challenge. Whoo hoo!

IMG_5902 IMG_5905 IMG_5904 IMG_5907 IMG_5917 IMG_5909

Tee: J.Crew (get the look here)

Skirt: J.Crew (get a similar look here)

Socks: Ralph Lauren (get a similar look here)

Shoes: J.Crew (get a similar look here)

Headband: personal vintage collection

Bracelets/Necklace: personal vintage collection

Glasses: Kate Spade (get the look here)

IMG_5918 IMG_5914

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


J.Crew Challenge: Back and Better Than Ever


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe it–the J.Crew Challenge is finally back! It’s been a full YEAR now…phew, time sure does fly when you are having fun *wink*

Before I reveal the very first outfit of the brand new J.Crew Challenge tomorrow, I want to give a little info on how many pieces I am going to be working with this year + how many outfits I have planned + a brief throwback to some of the hottest outfits from the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge! Ah–we have lots to do, so let’s quit our lollygagging and get to work *wink*


For this year’s J.Crew Challenge, I will be working with 16 items (that’s 4 more than last year) to create a variety of lovely looks. It is going to be so fabulous, and I cannot wait to share all of the awesome outfits with y’all!


For all of the new readers out there, here are the goals of the VIP J.Crew Challenge:

  1. Encourage y’all to invest in quality and versatile clothing items and accessories.
  2. Inspire y’all to get your money’s worth out of your apparel. 

Now, let’s take a look back at five of the hottest J.Crew outfits from last year’s 30 Day J.Crew Challenge. Whoo hoo!


Bright Florals


Dots on Dots


Fun on a cool Autumn Day


Taking Care of Business


Friday Night Lights Inspiration

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Lucky 13: Saturday in the Park


Hey, y’all! Welcome to the 12th Lucky 13 outfit of the day post! Tomorrow will be the last of the Lucky 13 series…*sad face* Oh no, darlings! Don’t cry! Kicking off Monday, October 14, I will be revealing another outfit challenge! Here’s your hint…It was featured on a VIP Interview not too long ago…can you guess? Hmm……

IMG_3707 IMG_3711 IMG_3717 IMG_3713 IMG_3727

Blouse: American Eagle, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Shorts: Gap, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Necklace: Charming Charlie, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Shoes: Michael Kors, Belk


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Lucky 13: Weekly Whistle Day-Cation


Grab your backpack and your school assignments for the day because an outfit this superb deserves a little day-cation. With the gorgeous green sweater being accented with the white statement necklace, how could you not show off this sweet and casual ensemble!

Why I love it: This Lucky 13 look is comfy, yet a bit dressy. It is perfect for class, lunch with friends, or a quick day-cation!

IMG_5138 IMG_5139 IMG_5144 IMG_5147 IMG_5136

Sweater: Gap, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Shorts: Gap, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Necklace: Charming Charlie, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Heels: Lucky Brand


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Lucky 13: Preppy School Girl


Hello, my fabulouses! In honor of the chilly day here in Birrrrrr-mingham, I am celebrating with this cozy Lucky 13 ensemble!

What I love about this outfit:

  • The lovely green hue of the sweater–it pairs like a dream with the slouchy navy blue shorts.

  • The floral platform heels with speckled socks–they elevate this look with a little hint of preppy school girl.  

  • The graphic print tassel scarf–it adds a bit of a wow factor to this outfit. Florals, graphics, solids, and tassels…what more could a girl want?!

IMG_5014 IMG_5015 IMG_5017 IMG_5024

Sweater: Gap, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Shorts: Gap, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Scarf: American Eagle, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Heels: Steve Madden, Belk


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn