Weekly Whisle: Summer Slouch Series Outfit 2


Hello, my fabulouses, guess what day it is? Fashionistas, what day is it? Oh, come on! I know you can hear me! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it Mike? hahahahahah Leslie, guess what day it is! “It’s hump day.” WHOOP WHOOP! …

Sorry, I just had to do that–I absolultely adore that camel on the Geico commercial….ANYWAY it is WEEKLY WHISTLE TIME! Yay! So, without further ado, let’s see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is!


IMG_9864 IMG_9874 IMG_9856 IMG_9850 IMG_9885

Blouse: Belk

Skirt: Belk

Shoes: Lucky Brand, Belk

Hat: Cos-Medi Center, Columbus, MS


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VIP on the go! Again…


Hello guys and dolls! Today is yet another VIP on the go! We are headed to Jackson, Mississippi and it’s quite a little drive so I wanted to be super comfortable and super cute! So how can u wear cute heels and dressy tops and still be comfortable?! Well, that’s what I am going to show y’all on “VIP on the go! Again…”


Top: Deep South Pout
Shorts: JCrew
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Hat: BluGertrude @ Deep South Pout

This outfit is perfect for long car rides and walking around outlet malls because it is comfy yet you look fabulous!


PS: these lucky brand heels are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn! They are soooo amazing!

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Deep South Pout Y’all!

A coupon in honor of me?? Oh, thank you very much Rachel Leathers:)

I would like to start out by saying that I have a coupon named after me…yes, a coupon! You can go to Rachel Leathers’s Etsy shop and order yourself something cute in honor of the VIP herself! The 20% off coupon code is: ABBYvip

For your convenience, here is the link to Rachel Leathers’s Etsy shop!- http://www.etsy.com/shop/HrtsofStone?page=5

I hate those “reality” TV shows that give Southern gals a bad name…I assure you this Southern chick isn’t ridin’ around in a big truck in the mud…oooo….speaking of mud! I would really love to go to the spa right now…I certainly do not wear camo’ everywhere….everyday….all the time…Oh! Don’t even get me started on the song Red Solo Cup…I abhor that repugnant song so freakin’ much…there aren’t even words to describe how livid I become when I hear it….well, there are…..but sweet Southern girls should NOT use them…at least that’s what my mom told me…

Deep South Pout is a Southern treat of a store that is boho, gypsy, sassy, and totally trendy! Deep South Pout is located in Starkville and Columbus, Mississippi. It gives any girl the ability to beat the summer heat while look classy and adorable!

In this blog, I will be sharing with y’all the incredibly cute things my sweet deddy (No, I have not been misspelling that…it is daddy with an “e” instead of an “a” pronounced DEAD-DEE) allowed me to purchase at Deep South Pout!

Lace top: The Limited
Hat: BluGertrude, bought at the glamorous Deep South Pout
Shorts: Deep South Pout
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Photo taken in the historical city of Columbus, Mississippi at the first home of Tennessee Williams.
Hat made by BluGertrude! I absolutely adore this hat, the colors, the flowers, everything! You can purchase BluGertude accessories at Deep South Pout stores!
This dress from DSP is full of vibrant spring colors allowing a girl to stand out, yet be conservative!
Be yourself, stay beautiful, and wear Deep South Pout:)

Every fashionista should own a precious statement frock...like this owl dress!
The architecture and history of Columbus, Mississippi is rich and fascinating!
Oh, how I just love the Blues...BB King, sing it for me!

I have a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to share with you guys about Deep South Pout that is going to make you want to pack your bags and head to Columbus/Starkville Mississippi just to shop at the fabulous Deep South Pout:) Here is just a tiny peek inside of the Columbus store!

Jada (on left), Nicole, part-owner (in middle), and me at the Columbus location. Aren't they just adorable!

See, I told you Deep South Pout had some FABULOUS things! I will be out of town for a few days, but the next blog will be a….waittttt for ittttttttt (Phsych quote)….It’s a secret:) I can’t tell you! You will just have to stay tuned to the VIP blog to find out:)

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