Saturday night’s finale was full of excitement and anticipation from the heidi elnora bridal runway show to the announcements of the Emerging and Rising Design Star winners–not to mention the headlining designer Tibi. Birmingham Fashion Week 2013 concluded with a big, dazzling bang! The finale began with wedding gown designer and co-founder of BFW Heidi Elnora’s collection, which was inspired …

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Birmingham Fashion Week 2012: Part I

February 12, 2012

On my latest adventure, I attended Birmingham Fashion Week on Thursday, February 9th.  The show was absolutely mind-blowing!  I wish I could have filled my closet with everything that was strutted down that sassy catwalk (And I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah, I do my little turn on the catwalk…I’m too sexy for my cat…  my apologies…there I go bursting out into random song…again!)  My favorite part of the fashion show was the Rising Design Stars. These awe-inspiring clothes by these young fasionistas were totally rad.

The vibrant color choice of this dress with the simple black accent around the waist makes it extraordinary.(designed by Theresa Mince)

Malena Cunningham was the celebirty host of  Thursday night’s extravaganza held at Pepper Place in Birmingham, Alabama. Malena is the President and CEO of Strategic Media Relations, Inc. It was such an honor to be at an event hosted by Malena Cunnigham!

This dress made from old maps and clock parts. It was designed by Allie Phifer(18) one of the Rising Design Stars. The model wearing the dress was my favorite of the night! She really knew how to work the crowd and get everyone clapping and whistling! In this picture, she is pointing to the recycling sign painted on her back.

The Rising Design Stars ranged from ages 12 to 18. The girls creations were made of recyclable items such as: newspaper, trash bags, wrapping paper, aluminium siding, and many other unusual materials. These dresses were truly works of art!
The following pictures are some of my favorites that I took of some of the Rising Design Stars magnificent creations.

This dress was made out of curling ribbon. Wow, just wow. We are all thinking... "That must have taken A LOT of ribbon!"


This dress was designed by Jade Nipper. Why, yes, this little black dress is made out trash bags! Spectacular!

This dress was made from white feathers, peacock feathers, and pine cones! I love the creative vibe of this dress!


This avant-garde designer created this work of sustainable art from aluminum siding. (designed and worn by Sarah Vallin age 17 of Hoover High School, Alabama)

I hope you enjoyed these designs as much as I did! I’ll tell you guys this… the pictures do not even begin to give these girls any justice! Being able to see these outfits in person was truly amazing and inspiring! The creativity and planning that the Rising Design Stars put into their creations really paid off!

The masterpieces of the most memorable designer of the evening created a sublime, breathtaking collection.  I thought for a moment that I was at Paris Fashion Week. Yes, they were that innovative!

My favorite designer of the night, Travis Mackey!


I love this dress! The train of this dress definitely set it out from all the others!

The back of this dress and the hair totally made this one of my favorites! I am infatuated with this designer's outfits!

These girls were my lifesavers! When I went to find some lipstick at the Belk in Trussville, Alabama,  Michelle (on far left) gave me the best makeover ever for Birmingham Fashion Week! Optimistic Orange blush and So Vain lipstick (MAC) totally made my outfit! I am so glad I met these darling ladies! Stay tuned to my blog for a future post about a special event I will be attending Saturday, February 18th! Stay tuned readers :)

My lifesavers! I love you MAC girls:)

Part II of BFW 2012 will be posted this coming Monday…oh my goodness, I’ve got the most fabulous pictures to share with y’all :)


Abby Hathorn