$50 Target Challenge: Outfit #2


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the VIP blog! Today, I am going to show you Outfit #2 of the $50 Target Challenge VIP Budget Shopping: Fabulous Outfits for Less! Whew! That was a mouthful!

To transform yesterday’s outfit, simply slip off the skirt and tah dah! Outfit #2 is complete and fabulous:)

IMG_8114 IMG_8096 IMG_8101

Sweatshirt: Target

Leggings: Target

Boots: UGG, Belk (Trussville, Alabama)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

$50 Target Challenge: Outfit #1


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog for another fun outfit challenge! What new series does the VIP have up her sleeve? Well, let’s see!

VIP Spending Budget: $50.00

With movie rehearsals and filming at the beginning of December, I knew that I needed to get comfy items without jeopardizing looking cute. So, I set out to find three pieces–

  1. An oversized sweatshirt
  2. Patterned leggings
  3. A cute skirt.

Staying within the VIP budget, I was able to snag a hipster-inspired outfit that can be worn three different ways. Even better than that–each piece can be combined with items already in my closet to create even MORE outfits! Oh, who knew finding fabulous outfits for less could be so easy!

Now, without further ado, I introduce to y’all Target Challenge Outfit #1 of the VIP Budget Shopping: Fabulous Outfits for Less!

IMG_8071 IMG_8087

I mustache you a question...but I'll shave it for later *wink* Oh, photo shoot bloopers are fun:)
I mustache you a question…but I’ll shave it for later *wink* Oh, photo shoot bloopers are fun:)

Sweatshirt: Target

Skirt: Target

Leggings: Target

Boots: UGG, Belk (Trussville, Alabama)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Noteworthy Neon


“When the sky gets dark enough to see the colors of the city lights. A trail of ruby red and diamond white…tonight she’s out to lose herself and find a high on Peachtree Street…She comes and goes like no one cares….she’s always buzzing just like neon, neon. Neon, neon…” John Mayer surely knows how to sing it! Mmmm…my kind of eye candy-he loves neon and has the voice of an angel! Yum!



“She’s always buzzing, just like neon, neon, neon, neon…”





A sheer, neon yellow frock is divine when paired with neon skinny belts and flashy stilettos! This ensemble is perfect for dancing the night away while looking totally fabulous! Create a casual look by simply accessorizing a neon dress with sleek black jewelry and classic black wedges. Such style is great for getting that cute co-workers attention at a classy office party!





Neon and vintage, oh my! You cannot get any better than that! Sport a purple knee length vintage skirt with a neon yellow chiffon blouse and sky-high stilettos for a stellar vibe that is sure to capture everyone’s attention! Step up this ensemble with a lovely pair of vibrant statement earrings and a spunky watch for a look that is spectacular for dinner with your best friends to a date night out on the town!





“Pretty woman, walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet…” Ooo la la, pretty woman in pink! Work a floor length, neon pink skirt with a throwback acid wash denim button up and studded toe black flats for a look that is totally awesome and spunky. Take this ensemble to the next level by frosting your neck with black rhinestoned statement necklaces for a look that is totally rad for a rocking the night away at a local concert or karaoke!






  • Awesome Accessorizing!:  “Hot pink, citron yellow, and lime green shades seem to be everywhere this season, but if you’re a little color shy, this trend would be an intimidating one…,” says collegefashion.net. No need to fear the color, fashionistas! Instead of going full out neon-on-neon, add pops of brights in at the waist or with a cute colorful clutch and rock the street in super style!
  • Opposites Attract.:  In the world of hues, neon and black are complete opposites! Wearing super sleek black accessories with brilliantly bright neon pieces is a daring look that is terrific for all occasions!
  • Cute Colorblock!:  “Colorblocking has been big for a few seasons now, so naturally pairing one neon piece with another is a great way to wear this trend.” (collegefashion.net) Wear a neon-on-neon ensemble with rhinestone jewelry, simple neutral flats, and funky belts for a style that is casual chic perfection!




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