I declare blazers a must have! Part 1

On the VIP’s latest adventure, I attended Project Design Week at Auburn University (July 15-20), and it was absolutely fabulous! I made many new friends, gained valuable skills, and developed a love for apparel design.

While I was there, I discovered that the dorm halls and classrooms are just a tad bit frigid, and sadly enough, I was not prepared for such conditions! After all, this is summer in the South-100 degrees in the shade!  So, I was forced to purchase a sweat shirt-talk about irony; however, from this experience, the wonderful idea of a versatile blazer was born! As soon as my parents picked me up from camp, I demanded retail therapy at Urban Outfitters! There, I found the most fabulous turquoise blazer that just screamed 1980-in a good way! I will not go into all the reasons why I decided to purchase this blazer this week, but join me next week to see all the glamour this blazer can add to any wardrobe! From this day forward, I shall carry this darling blazer with me-never again to be caught wearing an oversized sweatshirt with my sweet dresses and heels.

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Top: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Deep South Pout
Shoes: Steve Madden

Step inside my time machine with me as I flashback to a Deep South Pout Accessories Challenge blog where I wore a splendid dress! Why is this dress so fantastic you ask? Well, the colors that make up this super cute dress are why it is so fantabulous! The various shades of blue and golden yellow allow this Deep South Pout dress to be paired with many different things such as leopard print and my new blazer (which you will get to see the fabulousness next week!)  Since next week is so far away, you can go visit my blog (VIP Accessories Challenge: Deep South Pout) to see the three ways I wore this fancy little frock.

So without further ado, I present to you (see how I made that rhyme *wink*) the reasons as to why such a simple thing as a blazer is so magnificent and functional all year long! A blazer can replace your travel blankets, baggy unfashionable sweatshirts, Snuggies, and hoodies in a snap! You might be thinking-“Now, Abby, really?  I love my Snuggie!”  I am not begrudging the Snuggie-that warm little thing works great for watching TV, but definitely shouldn’t be worn while attending a lecture or meeting!  How do we solve this frigid inside environment while battling the heat outside and having to look adorable all at the same time?  A magical, magnificent blazer, of course!  It will keep you warm and snuggly inside while still looking fashionably fabulous-and when it is time to venture back outside-simply, toss it over your shoulder and strut like you are on a catwalk!

Do you struggle trying to find the perfect blazer?   Follow these five tips, and the next time you go blazer shopping it will be a breeze!

Five Tips on Buying Blazers (for the ladies and gents):

  1. Invest: Invest in a good quality blazer that fits well. A style such as the classic school boy blazer never goes out of style-JCrew has a wonderful collection of these for fall!
  2. Make a Statement: When purchasing a blazer, invest in a bright, fun, funky blazer! Polka dots, leopard print, neon green, denim, paisley-there are all kinds of awesome statement blazers out there!
  3. Be Thrifty: Keeping a look out at your local thrift or consignment shops is a great way to find a good deal on a blazer.  It is easy to change out the buttons or add patches to the elbows for a more personal touch!
  4. Dress up or dress down: Purchasing a blazer without buttons allows you to dress up or down in a snap! If you need to go from a daytime to meeting to dinner out on the town, a blazer without buttons works perfectly.  Just add a vintage brooch or layered necklaces for your day to night transition.
  5. For the gents: Every man needs a good versatile sports coat/blazer that can be paired with khakis, jeans, or shorts. You can pair your sports coat or blazer with a light denim button up and a navy blue bowtie for a sophisticated, yet comfortable look for any business meeting or party.

I could go on, and on, and on about my experience at Auburn and what kind of blazers to buy…but the washing machine is shouting my name…well, it’s actually my mom yelling that it’s time to swap the laundry…this fashionista has a lot of unpacking and clothes washing to do…and napping…so join me next week for a fun-filled article on how to wear your awesome blazers!

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Abby Hathorn




Road Signs, My Giant Schnauzer, and Auburn University

Testing…testing 1 2 3….hi readers! This is my first attempt of a “mobile blog” from my iPhone! I hope y’all are seeing it as I do…

Why am I doing a mobile blog (other than my curiosity to see how it works)? Well, I am currently riding in the back seat of my deddy’s car with my Giant Schnauzer snuggled up to me headed Trussville, Alabama for the night. Then tomorrow morning it’s off to Auburn University for Project Design Week aka fashion camp as I call it;) haha


So I will be taking a week off from the wonderful world of blogging to attend “fashion camp”. While I’m gone…I encourage y’all to read over some past blogs, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and like me on Facebook too keep up with me while I’m gone!:)

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If this mobile blog has been a complete epic fail, I am truly sorry haha although I hope it isn’t my dear readers!


Stay Fabulous
Abby Hathorn

VIP DIY: Dip Dye Shorts

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY that will give you an absolute summer must have…then this VIP DIY: Dip Dye Shorts is your ticket to the happy train!

What you will need:

  • Bleach (I used Clorox Splash-less)
  • Paint brush
  • Dark denim jeans
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl/Latex gloves

WARNING: This DIY involves bleach. Be fashionable in a well-ventilated area. Read warning label on bleach bottle.

Step 1: Put on the jeans and mark the desired length for the shorts with a pencil.

Step 2: Take off the jeans and cut each pant leg at the pencil mark.

Step 3: Mix one cup of bleach with one cup of water for dip dyeing. You can also mix 1 cup of bleach with 2 cups of water for a less bleached look. WARNING: extremely potent.

Step 4: Paint on the bleach mixture as far up as you wish to go.

Step 5: After painting on the bleach, let the shorts sit for approximately 10 minutes (or until desired bleached effect). Rinse, wring, and toss in the washing machine. Do not put shorts in with clothes you do not want to bleach;) Although, it would be the perfect time to bleach your bed sheets and socks haha

Step 6: Put together a fabulous outfit with your dip dye creation and email to me, the VIP!:)

Now, it is time to stop monkeying around and create a topnotch, genteel, chic outfit with your dip dye shorts!

With my DIY shorts, I created a wonderlust of an outfit consisting of a 1970s lace blazer, an REO Speedwagon tank (quite possibly my favorite tank top…EVER), a hot pink and lime green JCrew belt, and of course, the VIP DIY: Dip Dye Shorts!

Blazer: The Attic (Columbus, Mississippi)
Tank Top: Urban Outfitters (Birmingham, Alabama)
Shorts for DIY: Raspberry Beret Consignment Shop (Louisville, Mississippi)
Shoes: Material Girl by Madonna (TJ Maxx-Trussville, Alabama)
Belt: JCrew (vintage from Mom’s closet)
Bow: I made it myself from vintage fabric:)
You can dress up your dip dye shorts or dress them down! The possibilities with these fabulous shorts are endless! Be creative and be yourself!:)

Join me next time for a special blog I shall not tell you about now:)

I am currently counting down the days until I attend Project Design Week at Auburn University! In just one week, I will be packing and heading off for a wonderful experience…don’t worry! I will be telling y’all about it:)

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Abby Hathorn



Mason Jars, Cobalt Blue, and Red Heels.

I love Mason Jars. They are perfect for everything from homemade sweet tea to funky, vintage storage.

Why am I the Vintage Inspired Passionista? Well…It’s a story that dates back to the days when I first began to pick out my own clothes and dress myself…Don’t worry, I will not bore you with my entire life story today…I will only give you a glimpse…When I was a little girl, I loved visiting my grandparents. Living in the middle of nowhere contributed to my growing up around the older generation and antiques…

I remember begging Paw Riley and my Paw Hathorn to tell me stories about the “good ole’ days”…They had no idea their story telling would be a major factor in encouraging me to become the V.I.P. blogger. I recollect wearing rain boots, a tu tu, and a shirt I made at Bible school (…apparently, I have been mixing patterns and experimenting with fashion ever since I was a small tike…) badgering my Paw Riley to take me to his wood shop to make candle holders, baby beds, and whatever else I imagined. I know my mom really appreciated all the deformed teddy bears that I brought home for her to paint…I wonder what my mom did with those…………..I’m back and my mom has “no comment” as to the whereabouts of these bears. I am going to open up a full pledge investigation involving the FBI, NCIS, and NASA.

Back to my story telling…I was always getting in trouble for touching my grammy’s “play-pretties”…and for some reason…I…still get in trouble…for touching them…I remember playing with my dad’s toys at my Gran’s house…Oh my gracious, Gran has the best tree to climb. I love that tree…I wonder if I can still climb it…(Note to self: visit Gran to climb tree).

Where was I?…Oh yes!…Now that I am older, I realize that growing up around antiques has greatly influenced my style. Anything, everything, ALL things vintage inspire me…

I bought this vintage camera at the Springville Antique Mall in Alabama because it spoke to me...
One of my favorite vintage story books from my mom's vast collection is Beauty and the Beast. I have always wanted to wear a yellow dress like Belle and dance around in a ballroom...
Cobalt Blue contrasted against the colors of my dad's collection of law books inherited from his dad (Paw Hathorn) reminds me of that outfit I bought the other day at The Raspberry Beret...I think I am going to borrow my mom's red heels...
The Raspberry Beret outfit paired with my mom's red Nine West shoes! I'm sure she appreciates my wearing them in the soggy pasture (aka my yard...but then again...I hope I did ruin her shoes...because I am almost positive that she threw away the bears I made for her! Of course, it's still under investigation that she allegedly tossed my bears into the trash.)

Spring Wardrobe Shopping Tip: Vamoose to your local antique store and gather inspiration in order to channel your inner V.I.P.

Since I am being so random today…I have wonderful news to share with all of you! I am officially registered for Project Design Week at Auburn University! I am in a frenzy counting down the days to July… If you would like to learn more about Project Design Week, check out– http://www.auburn.edu/outreach/opce/summerexperience/projectdesignweek.htm

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