VIP Home: Art Deco Apartment Inspiration

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O'Cain
Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain

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This week on VIP Home, I created a handy dandy Polyvore board of  my fabulous apartment decor ideas. Oh…I do not know what I would do without Polyvore! It makes life so much easier *wink*
Apartment Inspiration: Art Deco
My new apartment was built in 1920, and my desire is to incorporate the 1920s Miami Art Deco style throughout. Finding said decor on a tight budget will be tricky…but I am overly excited about adventuring for items similar to the ones on this Polyvore board. If I am lucky…maybe I can find one of those awesome vintage Felix [cat] clocks! *wink*

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Vintage Inspired meets Vintage Hip

On my latest adventure, my mom and I were antiquing in Springville, Alabama when we stumbled upon a darling shop-Vintage Hip (open Wednesday-Saturday 10-6).

Vintage Hip got its start just a few months ago, but judging by the parking lot and constant flow of customers…the news about this charming, vintage-inspired shop is spreading!  Becky Coffelt and her daughter Hannah Cornelious dreamed it and started it…and let me say that Becky is most precious with lovely curly hair like mine!

Vintage Hip has so many wonderful, funky, charming, unique things to offer to lovers of art, vintage, upcycling, and handmade jewelry. Vintage Hip has handmade clay jewelry by Rebekah Blocher Designs from Alabama and upcycled bags by Raemissigman out of St. Cloud, Florida. They also offer repurposed vintage furniture, custom built furniture, and steller upcycled picture frames that just scream shabby chic!

As my mom and I walked around Vintage Hip in awe, we decided to pick up a few fabulous things before heading back to good ole’ Mississippi. We purchased an eye-catching folk art piece by Marion Baker of Blockhead Arts, “Man Hands Shop Scrub” organically made by Roman’s Marketplace which I added to my dad’s Birthday Bash Basket, and a darling Lenny and Eva bracelet for a certain arm candy obsessed fashionista …*cough, cough* ME!:)

Even if you don’t live near the Springville, Alabama area-you won’t regret a roadtrip just to visit Vintage Hip! It is such a strikingly fabulous shop that everyone must see! When you arrive…tell them the VIP sent you;)

Check out these links to see Vintage Hip, Blockhead Arts, Rebekah Blocher,  RaeMissigman, and Lenny and Eva!

Vintage Hip:

Blockhead Arts:

Rebekah Blocher:


Lenny and Eva:

Here are a few more photos of a dreamy paradise called “Vintage Hip”…

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