Weekly Whistle: Summer Fun with R. Tabb & Co


On my recent trip back to the home-state, I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in Starkville, Mississippi–R. Tabb & Co.. When I was living in Mississippi several years ago, I did a Town & Gown Magazine event at R. Tabb where I first fell in love with the clothing store. I totally stalked my own blog to find the photo below of Rebecca Tabb and I three years ago. Goodness gracious–hard to believe it was that long ago! Time flies when you’re having fun! How cliche am I *wink*

The VIP with owner of R. Tabb & Co, Rebecca Tabb in 2012.
The VIP with owner of R. Tabb & Co, Rebecca Tabb in 2012. Check out a blog blast from the past here.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s Weekly Whistle outfit below which features some fabulous Mississippi fashions and accessories! Be sure to come back tomorrow, too, for an awesome Three Ways to Wear Thursday featuring another R. Tabb buy–woo hoo! *happy dance* The VIP loves and misses R. Tabb & Co. 

IMG_2531 IMG_2534 IMG_2541 IMG_2537 IMG_2522 IMG_2542 IMG_2535 IMG_2548 IMG_2545 IMG_2563 IMG_2561 IMG_2560 IMG_2547 IMG_2524 IMG_2566 IMG_2565 IMG_2568 IMG_2551 IMG_2569

Tank: R. Tabb & Co (Starkville, Mississippi)

Shorts: Shellz Boutique (Jonesborough location)

Hat: Blu Gertrude (made in Mississippi)

Wedges: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Crystal necklace: gifted 

Short necklace (662): Aspen Bay (Starkville, Mississippi) –this necklace is a reminder of where my roots are, in Mississippi. The “662” is the telephone area code for where I grew up :)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn



Bright vs Neutral | Floral Edition


One thing I’ve noticed in the spring fashion magazines is the opposite extremes with color–bright and feminine or neutral and boho. So, that got me to thinking about a reader’s choice post I did several years ago called “Bright vs Neutral” where I asked readers to vote on their favorite. Well…I decided to bring it back for a special FLORAL EDITION on this week’s Weekly Whistle! *happy dance*

By only switching out jewelry and dresses, I want to show y’all just how big of a difference colors make in our wardrobes. Depending on what style you’re wanting to achieve, colors or neutrals can work WONDERS.

So, now, it is time for you to decide which one will swoon you *wink* Take a look at the outfits below and comment on Facebook, send me a tweet, or comment on this post. The winning outfit will be posted on the VIP Facebook page this Friday.


IMG_2107 IMG_2099 IMG_2097 IMG_2100

Dress: Shellz (Jonesborough, Tenn.)

Sandals: DSW

Necklace: BluKatDesign

Leather/Copper Bracelet: Beadsoul


IMG_2110 IMG_2116 IMG_2128 IMG_2123 IMG_2121

Dress: Shellz (Jonesborough, Tenn.)

Necklace: Lucy Lockets

Sandals: DSW

Leather/Copper Bracelet: Beadsoul


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle: How to Dress for Hot-Cold Weather in Style


Is it just me, or does it seem like winter weather keeps creeping into the forecast? *sigh* I am so ready for consistently hot weather; however, it seems nowhere in sight. So, how do we fabulous fashionistas dress-to-impress in this outrageously hot-cold weather? WELL…I am so glad you asked *wink* 

We all have a winter-to-spring wardrobe, but it is all about knowing what to do and how to do it. So, for this week’s fabulous Weekly Whistle, I am going to show y’all a simple outfit on how-to dress for hot-cold weather in style + give a few VIP quick tips. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started! *hit it DJ!*

IMG_1869 IMG_1868 IMG_1871 IMG_1872

Sweater: GAP

Shorts: Shellz (Jonesborough, TN)

Heels: Nine West, Outlet Shoppes of Grand River (Leeds, AL)

Necklace: Brooke Morgan Designs (Louisville, MS)


  • Play It Slow: Think about your transitional outfit like a crush on a cute, shy guy–you don’t want to jump in too quickly and make things awkward, so you play it step-by-step. Now, in the case of an outfit, you do not want to run straight into wearing light sun dresses and open-toe sandals, so reach for a cute pair of colorful shorts and a chunky sweater instead. This gives you a fabulously springy look without freezing to death when the wind blows *wink* 
  • Be a Layering Queen: I am the worst at this because growing up in the Deep South, layering was never really needed; however, living in Northeast Tennessee has taught me the power of knowing how to layer–especially when the seasons are changing. It is important during hot-cold weather to plan an outfit layer-by-layer in order to be comfortable from day to night. It is best to think about your outfit in segments, so that as the temperature rises throughout the day, you can shed your layers and show your true, spring colors! And when the temperature goes down with the sun, you can easily add back a light jacket or cardigan to stay all warm and cozy. :)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Easy Day-to-Night Floral Dress


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Woo hoo! It is finally Wednesday, which means it is time for me to share with y’all this week’s Weekly Whistle outfit!

This fabulous frock is from Shellz in downtown Jonesborough, and it is so..soo..SO cute ‘n comfy! *wink* I chose this dress to be the outfit of the week because of the colors, fun floral pattern, and cute lace detail at the hem–this dress is so fabulous I am (almost) speechless *wink*

Now, to show y’all just how AH-mazing this dress is, I decided to make this week’s Weekly Whistle double special with a day-to-night look. By simply changing out accessories–and NOTHING else *wink*–I was able to transform this floral frock from a day on the town to a night on the town effortlessly. 

So, without further ado, take a look at the outfits below, and be sure to give Shellz a “Like” on Facebook here!

Daytime Look:

IMG_9796 IMG_9783 IMG_9793 IMG_9797 IMG_9791 IMG_9799 IMG_9800 IMG_9806 IMG_9795

Dress: Kori America, Shellz (Jonesborough location) | Cuff: Deep South Pout (Starkville, MS) | Necklace: personal vintage collection | Shoes: Sbicca, Molly Green Boutique (Birmingham, AL) | Toe Rings: Beadsoul

Nighttime Concert Look

IMG_9762 IMG_9761 IMG_9766 IMG_9769 IMG_9767 IMG_9778 IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9776

Necklace: BluKatDesign | Arm Candy: (various locations in AL and MS) | (tan and pink) Leather Cuffs: Luke & Lyla Designs | Blue Cord Bracelet: Beadsoul | Boots: Williams Brothers, Inc. (Philadelphia, MS)


Behind-the-scenes: While taking photos in Jonesborough, Tennessee, I just had to stop for strawberry ice cream at the General Store & Eatery. Such a lovely little place :)
Behind-the-scenes: While taking photos in Jonesborough, Tennessee, I just had to stop for strawberry ice cream at the General Store & Eatery. Such a lovely little place :)

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle: Jumping Around Town in my New Jumpsuit


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

It’s finally Wednesday, and y’all know what that means–it is time to see this week’s VIP Weekly Whistle outfit! Woo hoo! 

AH! Honestly…I have been so very impatiently waiting to share this locally-purchased gem of a jumpsuit with y’all *wink* AND today is finally the day I can reveal ONE (just one) of the looks. You will have to stay tuned to tomorrow’s TWTWT to see the other.


For this daytime look, I decided to loosely tie the cuffs of the pants to create a more casual vibe + I accessorized with stacked bracelets, a BKD knob necklace, and a handmade leather clutch from Luke & Lyla (this bag = my life) because I wanted a bit of boho glam. The knotting of the jumpsuit’s legs is a nifty little trick that is not only cute and easy, but it also saves you the embarrassment of tripping on the hem, if you’re short like me *wink* #ShortGirlProbs

So, without further ado, I reveal to y’all this week’s Weekly Whistle! Take a look + check out the amazing boutique where I got this stately piece. 

All photos were taken in Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. 

IMG_9722 IMG_9729 IMG_9739 IMG_9709 IMG_9735 IMG_9705 IMG_9743 IMG_9700 IMG_9707

Jumpsuit: Shellz (Jonesborough location)

Bracelets: Beadsoul (shop) and La Joli Bijou (shop)

Necklace: BluKatDesign (shop)

Clutch: Luke & Lyla Designs (shop)

Wedges: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn