A Good Deed & A Gold Sweater


Hey, y’all! It is that time of year again–closet cleaning time! I have been going through and donating my clothes to various charitable organizations since I was a little girl. Every spring and fall, my mom and I took out everything in my closet, and she would ask me if I still wore it…if I still wanted it…or…if I wanted to get rid of it. Staying true to this fabulous tradition, I went through my wardrobe and gathered items to donate–which is always bunches of fun! I really wanted to donate my fashions to a local organization–usually I donate to the Salvation Army–but this time I really wanted it to be more personal.

I had my clothes bagged and ready to take to a drop off box when I found out about Moody High School’s clothes closet on Facebook. BINGO! *LIGHT BULB* It was perfect–I just knew it was fate! I was so excited to give the six black garbage bags full of my fashions to the brand new clothes closet at Moody High School.  It was such an amazing and heart-warming experience, and I encourage all of you to closet clean and donate some of YOUR clothes to a local charity!

The VIP with Cheryl Kuyk (Head Principal at Moody High School) after I donated over half of my wardrobe to the school's Clothes Closet.
The VIP with Cheryl Kuyk (Head Principal at Moody High School) after I donated over half of my wardrobe to the school’s Clothes Closet.

Oh, and while I was doing my annual closet clean…I stumbled upon this fabulous gold sweater! I forgot all about it–I bought it about a year ago and the tags were still on it! Fabulous! Anyway, today’s VIP OOTD is all about mixing some Grand Haul items with the snazzy cord sweater I found in the back of my closet! Whoo hoo! Yay for closet cleaning:)

IMG_6787 IMG_6827 IMG_6829 IMG_6808 IMG_6857

Sweater: JCPenny

Pleather Leggings: Guess, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Heels: Nine West, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Necklace: Ethereal Energy by Liz Stechschulte

BEHIND THE SCENES: There is always time for a little Ziva loving when we are on photo shoots! Isn't the VIP's Giant Schnauzer an absolute cutie pie?!
BEHIND THE SCENES: There is always time for a little Ziva loving when we are on photo shoots! Isn’t the VIP’s Giant Schnauzer an absolute cutie pie?!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


A Fun Day at Belk The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama

Makeup: Melissa Atkinson, Lancôme (Belk The Summit)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Belk The Summit

One thing this VIP fashionista absolutely loves to do is shop! Where is one of my favorite places to shop? Belk, of course! What modern Southern Belle does not enjoy the one-stop-shop experience at Belk?! You can get fabulous shoes, apparel, accessories, fragrance, and makeup all in one spectacular store–talk about perfection!

Now, I want to share with y’all some of the magnificent things I found at Belk The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama! Come on, y’all! It is time to get fabulous!

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If y’all could see my closet…y’all would see how much I absolutely adore purses. So, when I stumbled upon these artsy gems by Brighton….I immediately added them to my Birthday Wish list. Hey, two months is not too far in advance to start blowing out the candles wishing for fashionable birthday presents!

To learn more about these stunning Brighton bags, please click here.

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Looking for a new way to add some pizazz to my summer-to-fall transition makeup, I stopped by the Lancôme counter where MUA Melissa Atkinson made me look like I was ready to hit the runway at New York Fashion Week! I absolutely love the color combination on my eyes–the bright blue liquid eyeliner is a true wow-factor that isn’t too overpowering. Stop by the Lancôme counter at Belk The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama to get dolled up just like the VIP…or get the wonderful makeup artists to create you your own snazzy Fall 2013 makeup look!

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The Donald J. Pliner shoe selection at Belk The Summit is truly a fashionista’s dream come true! I was so infatuated with Donald’s fall shoes that I just had to pick my top five to share with y’all (as seen in the slideshow above).  Speaking of Donald J. Pliner…


You are cordially invited to join renowned shoe designer Donald J. Pliner at Belk The Summit this Saturday, September 14 from 10AM to 2PM to learn about the latest trends and styles in shoes. I hope to see all of you there! *BIG HUGS FOR EVERYONE*

Belk The Summit

Women’s Shoe Department

221 Summit Blvd.

Birmingham, Alabama

For more information, please call (205) 968-4200

To shop in your cute PJs, visit www.belk.com!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn