VIP Holiday Gift Guide FOR HIM at Belk the Summit

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to the VIP’s holiday gift buying guide FOR HIM at Belk The Summit! I found so many fabulous things for all of the dashing men--and future men *wink*--in my life, and I am so excited to show y’all only a few of them because I don’t want everyone to know what they are getting for Christmas! Thanks [...]

Weekly Whistle: TWT Luncheon 2013

Hello, my fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! It is that wonderful time of the week again...Weekly Whistle time! Whoop Whoop! On August 27, I was invited by Brenda Caradine to attend the Tennessee Williams Tribute luncheon in Columbus, Mississippi. Mrs. Caradine not only manages the functions of the Tennessee Williams Tribute, but she [...]

Tennessee Williams Tribute: “Kingdom of Earth”

A storm 's a brewin'...the flood waters are a risin'...the levee 's a breakin' eerie Mississippi night.  All the citizens, doctors, law enforcement, and even "the help" has fled for them higher grounds...except for one lost soul...soon to be joined by two mo', who seems to be runnin' toward the danger instead of aways from it... [...]

Weekly Whistle: Mr. Sid Caradine

Wednesday is here again, and y'all know what that means....WEEKLY WHISTLE! Whoo Hoo! This week's whistle features a special reader of mine, Mr. Sid Caradine. After reading my article about trench coats in The Real Story, Sid was inspired to sport his vintage Gabardine raincoat and Hartman luggage that belonged to his grandfather (R. Sidney Caradine). Thanks so [...]