Rapid Recap of February: Celebrating 2 Years of VIP

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Oh, February has been fabulously filled with lots of fun and celebrating of the two year anniversary of VIP, and I am looking forward to kicking off VIP March Madness--Oh, there are going to be some awesome blogs...I can barely contain my excitement! Trying to keep secrets [...]

VIP Scrapbook: Sneak peek of Interviews with Ahmed Hassan and Emily Ellyn at the Birmingham Home & Garden Show 2014

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Phew...I am all tuckered out from a day of super awesome fun at the Birmingham Home & Garden Show 2014, and it was so much fun that I could not wait to share a little sneaky peeky with y'all! Hmm...Can you guess what Ahmed Hassan, Emily Ellyn, [...]

SNEAK PEEK: Interviews with Ty Pennington & Mark Brunetz

I wonder what Ty Pennington, Mark Brunetz, and the VIP talked about today at the Birmingham Home Show? Hmm... Stay tuned for two VERY fabulous interviews to appear here and on http://www.thisisrealmedia.com! Oh, my fabulouses....I absolutely cannot wait to share it all with y'all! Stay tuned for sneak peeks on all of the VIP social [...]

Tennessee Williams Tribute: “Kingdom of Earth”

A storm 's a brewin'...the flood waters are a risin'...the levee 's a breakin'...one eerie Mississippi night.  All the citizens, doctors, law enforcement, and even "the help" has fled for them higher grounds...except for one lost soul...soon to be joined by two mo', who seems to be runnin' toward the danger instead of aways from it... [...]

BFW 2013: Thursday Night Runway

Hi there, fantastic fashionistas! For the past week, I have been super busy covering Birmingham Fashion Week events. Phew...let's just say I took a really awesome siesta after the Saturday night finale! Awe...I cannot believe BFW is over for the year...I absolutely cannot wait until next year! It will be even better! I bring you [...]