Weekly Whistle: Funky Fine Pair of (Vintage) Levi’s Jeans


 Lately, I have been listening to A LOT of 80s music–Genesis, ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Joan Jett and the list goes on and on. So, naturally, I have been in like a totally rad, neon pink, acid wash and Miami Vice mood *said in my best Valley Girl voice*

When the winter storm hit last week and dumped about 9 inches of snow, my photographer and I took the opportunity to take some awesome outfit photos for the blog. As I was pulling items for the photoshoot, I stumbled upon a pair of funky fine (vintage) Levi’s *cue ZZ Top’s Cheap Sunglasses* that I had TOTALLY forgotten about.

In my 80s state of mind, I embraced the crazy, yellow acid-wash denim and decided to create a wearable wildcard outfit for this week’s Weekly Whistle. In the word’s of my photographer, “Wow…well, Abby–it sure it bright.” *wink*

Now, without further ado, get your 80s groove thang on and check out this week’s Weekly Whistle + outfit details! Also, be sure to pay special, close attention to the fabulous handmade bracelets!

IMG_1320 IMG_1309 IMG_1305 IMG_1307 IMG_1325 IMG_1330 IMG_1317 IMG_1324 IMG_1322 IMG_1308 IMG_1311

Blazer: Urban Outfitters

Blouse: Express

Jeans: vintage, Levi’s

Scarf: Target

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Bracelets: handmade, BlueGrits

Earrings: handmade, BluKatDesign


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Buh-Bye January, Hello Fabulous February!


Hello, fashionistas! Welcome to the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog! Today, I will be summarizing the month of January in a nutshell…the best of the VIP…best outfits…best tips…best everything…redundancy! So, come on! Join me as we reminisce the month of January in VIP style!














IMG_8575 IMG_8544 IMG_8444 IMG_8456

IMG_8396 IMG_8393 IMG_8343 IMG_8413 IMG_8404

IMG_8656 IMG_8659


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IMG_8053 IMG_8090 IMG_7946 IMG_7953

Ah…January has been quite the humdinger…and February is going to rock! I have many new things to share with y’all….but I do not want to chat about the details right now and ruin the surprise! What I can tell you is tomorrow, I will be kicking off fabulous February with a blog that involves fashion…and a show. That, fashionistas, is all I am going to tell you! Join me tomorrow to discover the super secret awesome blog!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Simply Stylish in Southern Snow


Even though the gorgeous snow of yesterday’s winter wonderland has gone away…*sad face*…I have three ensembles from a last minute photo shoot to share with all of you! Having all that snow got me to thinking how fun it would be to travel North for winter just to take pictures! Hmm….spending the winter up North…in the snow…sounds like a good excuse to purchase lovely wool coats and adorable boots! But in the meantime….let’s take a look at the simply stylish outfits I put together for the Southern snow!


IMG_8343 IMG_8346

Denim Button Up: Target

Shirt: The Loft

Jeans: JCrew

Leather Boots: Belk, Lucky Brand

Scarf: TJMaxx





Coat: Buckle

Blouse: SGB Vintage

Jeans: JCrew

Heels: BCBG





Blazer: JCrew

Shirt: Target

Jeans: JCrew

Heels: TJMaxx, Jessica Simpson


Aren’t those ensembles the perfect way to look Simply Stylish in Southern Snow? Of course! Of course! Of course!


Journey back to the VIP Blog for another lovely article on “Shopping in Your Own Closet”! Until then…stay totally fabulous! Wait! Before I sign off…here are some more pictures from the Simply Stylish in Southern Snow photo shoot:)





Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Alabama Snow-tacular!


Hello, VIP readers! Today was a snow-tacular day in sweet home Alabama! Winter Storm Iago has covered a portion of the South in fabulous white, fluffy snow! I took the day off from school to enjoy the snow…so here are some photos from today’s snow-tacular adventure:)

My glamorous snowman is super sassy as it waves to people from the front yard haha:)
My glamorous snowman is super sassy as he waves to people in the front yard haha:)



Mattie (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) and I had such fun running through the beautiful snow!
Mattie (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) and I had such fun running through the beautiful snow!



Can I please have snow everyday in the winter? Please and thank you! :)
May I have snow every day during the winter? Please and thank you! :)


Mattie and Ziva (Giant Schnauzer) has bunches of fun playing in the rare Southern snow!
Mattie and Ziva (Giant Schnauzer) had bunches of fun playing in the rare Southern snow!


I wanted to get an adorable picture with my precious Giant Schnauzer, Ziva, but she refused...and insisted that she had no time for pictures. :)
I wanted to get an adorable picture with my precious Giant Schnauzer, Ziva, but she refused…and insisted that she had no time for pictures. :)


That is all the snow-tacular pictures I have for now, my lovlies! Join me tomorrow to see the fashion photo shoot the VIP held in the snow! Until then, stay dry, warm, and fabulous!

To see more pictures of the snow day, check out www.sweetsorghumliving.wordpress.com!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn