Southern Women’s Show 2013 with Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay


The Southern Women’s Show was four days of fabulous shopping, fashion, shows, food sampling, and pampering. What more could a girl ask for? With vendors from the Magic City area and beyond, everyone was sure to find something to suit her fancy. On the last day of the show, fans crowded around the stage and waited excitedly for the beloved celeb guest. Who was the 2013 Southern Women’s Show special star? The one…the only…Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty!

Hey, y'all! It's Miss Kay!
Hey, y’all! It’s Miss Kay!


As I walked around the show, I stumbled upon Happy Pappy’s Glowing Balls out of St. Augustine, Florida. Happy Pappy’s Glowing Balls is all about infinity lights–which is a unique, self-assembly lighting system where you can create thirty interlocking quadrilaterals. If my math teachers would have had such a thing when I was learning my shapes or taking geometry, class would have been more interesting. Note to Self: Buy a Happy Pappy’s Glowing Ball to revive my geometry skills.


Abby: Tell me a little bit about Happy Pappy’s Glowing Balls.

Kara: The lights are based off of the paper lanterns from Thailand, but this is just a modern twist on it. If you put it outside, and it get’s rained on…it’s no big deal–unlike a paper lantern….Happy Pappy lights will not rip or tear, so they are great for kid’s rooms. Another cool thing about these lights is that they are puzzles–You can take them apart and put them back together in all kinds of different shapes.

Learn more about Happy Pappy’s Glowing Balls by visiting their Facebook here.



At the Southern Women’s Show, I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow Alabama blogger, writer, speaker, and teacher Kathryn Lang.

Abby: What is your style of writing?

Kathryn: I would have to say hope. My fiction books have an element of hope, my nonfiction books have hope, my newspaper column has hope, and even when I teach there is always a hint of hope….I believe in helping people find their uniqueness and passion because once you find your passion, you never really work a day in your life!

Check out all of the awesomeness that Kathryn Lang has to offer you! Click here to visit her website.


When it comes to dressings for my salads, I am a very picky girl. I am not a fan of ranch dressing. I know, call me crazy, but I prefer the tangy taste of mustard or flavored vinegars….When I saw the Grapes & Olives On Tap booth, I just had to stop to talk to flavor specialist and co-owner Diane Lopez.


Abby: I see that y’all got an Award Winning Exhibit, congrats! How do you feel about getting this award?

Diane: Oh, we are so very excited! We love the Southern shows, and we are thrilled to win the award! We are one of the top ten vendors out of 300, and it is quite an honor for us.

Abby: What all does Grapes & Olives On Tap offer?

Diane: My husband and I are the owners, and we sell naturally flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils. They are extremely healthy for you and they taste delicious too! Here at Grapes & Olives On Tap we are all about helping create tastier meals for healthier lives.

To learn more about Grapes & Olives On Tap and browse the tasty options, please click here.

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Are you ready for Christmas? I know I am!
Are you ready for Christmas? I know I am!
Totally my style right? Hey, deddy! This pretty pink Chevy Camaro convertible would make a perfect birthday present...*wink, wink*
Totally my style right? Hey, deddy! This pretty pink Chevy Camaro convertible would make a perfect birthday present…*wink, wink*

IMG_3763 IMG_3769 IMG_3801


Oh, the 2013 Southern Women’s Show was lots of excitement! I learned a lot about funky modern lighting, hope, embracing your uniqueness, and probably my biggest realization was that people really love Miss Kay, Duck Dynasty, and their books, calendars, coffee mugs, wine glasses, bandanas, sunglasses, t-shirts, socks, night lights, stuffed animals, table lamps, bobble heads, blankets, boots, necklaces, Halloween costumes, posters, iPhone cases, camouflage chairs, Chia pets, coozies, and – wait – it gets better. Did you know that you can purchase a Duck Dynasty Camouflage Segway X2 for only $8,500? Yep, it is true. Here is the link…see it for yourself.

To learn more about the Southern Women’s Show, please click here.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn