Beauty Tues: Naturally Curly Hair Hacks | Short Curly Hair


Ah…natural curls. They are a blessing and a curse. Everyone tells you to straighten your curls while they are out getting perms or getting on Pinterest looking for curling iron hacks. So, don’t listen to the critics and feel like you have to slick down your curls–let them breathe! Embrace the beautiful craziness of your natural curls! *fist in air*

Now, you might be thinking I can’t wear my curls natural because the battle with frizz is too stressful! Trying to dry my curls takes too long! It’s an endless struggle because my curly strands have a mind of their ownTrust me–I know the struggle all too well; however, I have fabulous news for you! On this special post of VIP Beauty Tues, I am going to spill the beans about all of my top-secret naturally curly hair hacks! Okay–so maybe the tips and tricks aren’t top-secret or super ground-breaking…but they surely are helpful *wink*

SO, without further ado, let’s take a look at the VIP’s curly hair hacks that are perfect for girls with short curls *wink* 


1. Talk to your stylist!

Before you make any drastic changes to your hair or hair routine, talk to your stylist about the best cut and products he/she recommends for YOUR curls.

If you have natural curls and friends with natural curls, you know that all curls have different textures, volume, and curl style (like spiral, wavy, messy, etc). So, it is important to consult a professional before lopping all of your hair off or deciding to try products (like oils) that could make your curls cooperate less than before…leaving you more frustrated and ready to schedule a blowout. *gasp* and we wouldn’t want that! 

My hair stylist, Courtney Bennet of Salon Confidence, always helps me choose the best length and layers to help me manage my natural curls while also making it easier and faster to get ready in the morning. Recently, I chopped my hair off the shortest it has ever been + for added attitude, Courtney cut it short in the back and long in the front. See photos above.


2. Know Your Curl Type

This hack is pretty self-explanatory; however, it is very important to know your curl type because different curl types require different styling products and hair care. If you are uncertain of what your curl pattern is, refer to step one and talk with your stylist :)

**Do keep in mind that as we age and our hormones change, our curls can change too. I have noticed as I am getting older, my curls have gone from super spirals to a messy combo of waves and loose spirals. If your curls start to change like mine have with me, you can experiment with a new hair cut (like I am currently doing) in order to revive and manipulate your curl style. 


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Heat!

I have had my fair share of hair stylists who encouraged me NOT to use heat when drying and styling my natural curls; however, I see better results with a hairdryer and diffuser than I do pin-curling and air-drying. 

Sure, drying curls on “hot” with a diffuser can cause damage; however, ways to prevent breakage, flyaways, and excess frizz include: anti-frizz sprays (like the one I mentioned on last week’s Beauty Tues), a conditioner made specifically for curly hair, and a weekly hair-repair mask. You can find all of these products online or at your local Walgreens/CVS!

4. Taming Frizz and Flyaways Without Product

Though taming frizz without products MIGHT sound impossible, trust me–it’s not! Two hacks I swear by are scrunchies/lose pony tail holders and dryer sheets. SAY WHAT?! How does that work? Well–let me explain *wink* 

If your curls are frizzing all over or your curls aren’t as peppy as usual after styling, take a few stretched-out pony tails and make loose buns in random places all over your head by starting at the roots and working your way to the back. Let the loose buns set for approximately 5 to 8 minutes then flip your head over and remove the pony tails. Once you have set your curls free, lightly shake out the curls with your fingers before flipping your head back up.

If this does not help with the frizz the first time, take a damp rag, lightly scrunch the ends of your curls, and repeat the process above.

Now, about the dryer sheet–

On cold days, I find that my curls often frizz and have lots of flyaways, so I figured out that dryer sheets are a need little trick for taming that craziness. I simply rub a dryer sheet on the problem areas and/or all over–and TAH DAH! Done. *presses Staples button* That was easy!

**This handy-dandy dryer sheet hack also works fabulously if  you’re straightening your natural curls and trying to tame static frizz without using styling pastes or heavy hair sprays.  


5. Skip a Wash Once a Week

I am a total clean freak when it comes to my hair; however, I have learned the power of skipping a wash once a week. Because my hair tends to be quite oily when not washed everyday, I schedule my skip-a-wash day around my busy schedule + when I know I will be home with no plans on venturing out *wink*

Skipping a wash once a week gives your curls a break + allows the curls to “soak up” natural oils that can help keep your hair healthier longer. If your hair is oily like mine, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo the day after your skip-a-wash day in order to strip the excess oil and grime without damaging or over-drying your hair. 


Now, go out and love your curls, girls *wink* Remember your curls are something to be proud of–not something to hide! :)

To see what products I use to style my natural curls, please check out the Beauty Tues post here.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Steal Your “Boyfriend’s” Denim Jacket


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

 Happy Thursday, y’all! Oh, I have been waiting all week to share this awesome Three Ways to Wear with y’all–the anticipation has been killing me *wink* What I really adore about this TWTWT is that anyone (yes–even you!) can do it! All you need is your “boyfriend’s” (or an oversized), dark denim jacket. *presses button* That was easy!

Now, without further delay, let’s take a look at the fabulously fall photos + outfit details :) Enjoy!

P.S. Before my grandmother (or mother) calls me…No, I do not have a boyfriend…but if I did, I would totally borrow his jean jacket *wink* The oversized jean jacket was given to me by my awesome Aunt Karen. 

Way ONE:

IMG_7252 IMG_7241


Jacket: Levi’s

Tee: Delia’s

Skirt: J.Crew

Shoes: DSW (Birmingham, AL)

Rings: Sparkle Cat Studio

Bracelets: Beadsoul, Sparkle Cat Studio, and KristaLize

Way TWO:

IMG_7275 IMG_7291 IMG_7280

Jacket: Levi’s

Shirt: Delia’s

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: DSW (Birmingham, AL)

Hat: World Market (Birmingham, AL)


IMG_7321 IMG_7311 IMG_7328

Jacket: Levi’s

Top: Lucky Brand (vintage)

Skirt: Anthropologie

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Belt: Anthropologie

BLOOPER: We like to have fun with light-test shots *wink*
BLOOPER: We like to have fun with light-test shots *wink*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: The VIP’s Curly Hair Tools and Tricks with Big Sexy Hair and Herbal Essences


Hey, y’all! Welcome to this week’s VIP Beauty Tues which is all about the VIP’s hair tools and tricks because I have been receiving lots of fan emails asking me about the secrets and tricks behind my iconic curls.


Taming natural curls can be tricky. Many people who have curls become frustrated with the frizz and just straighten their hair for simplicity…but that is why I am giving away the secret to VIP curls.

It took me a few years to find the perfect products and styling techniques for my hair; however, with these 6 easy steps, you are one spritz of hair spray closer to mastering VIP hair!

Big Sexy Hair “Spray & Play” hairspray is totally the VIP’s favorite hairspray IN THE WORLD!

Step One: After shampooing and conditioning, lightly dry hair with a towel.

Step Two: Apply Herbal Essences Tousling Mousse throughout the hair being extra generous to the ends of the hair. Extra mousse at the tips will help tame frizz. (For bigger, fuller curls, use the Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse.)

Step Three: Take a towel and gently scrunch the hair. Scrunching with a towel will boost curls without causing frizz…and it will also speed up the drying process for those of us who have thick hair.

Step Four: Pin hair loosely and randomly with clippies. This process allows the curls to “set” while you are putting on your makeup or picking out something to wear.

Step Five: Dry hair on the HOT setting with the diffuser attachment. To add extra volume, flip head over and dry roots with the diffuser.

Step Six: After drying, use the Big Sexy Hair “Spray & Play” hairspray to add some oomph to your curls. To create an effortless look while keeping wild curls in their place, go light with the hairspray. To sculpt big and beautiful curls, be more generous with the hairspray while fluffing at the roots with your fingers or a teasing comb.

Tah dah! In six easy steps, you can get curls similar to the VIP's!
Tah dah! In six easy steps, you can get curls similar to the VIP’s!

Try styling your curls like the VIP, and let us know what you think! Post your comments and pictures to the VIP Facebook page here for the chance to be featured on an upcoming blog!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Life Is a High-Wire

Abby_056 bw copy
Photo by: Kevin Walker

I admit that I did not watch the live version.  To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in it.  For some reason, I watched the re-run of Nik Wallenda’s walk across the Grand Canyon on Discovery. Perhaps I was too lazy to look for the remote…or was I divinely inspired?

It was so touching to see Nik walk courageously across the canyons while praying in the name of Jesus Christ–giving Him all of the glory.  He wasn’t afraid to speak His name…He wasn’t worried about what the press or the critics would say…He was focused on his mission…his dream.

Did Nik Wallenda wake up one day, make a few calls, and walk across the Grand Canyon?  No.  Years of training and practice prepared him to make that brave journey.

Most of us are not training to walk a high-wire across one of the world’s greatest wonders; however, we are walking the high-wire of life.  One step at a time.  Leaning left.  Leaning right.  Kneeling for a rest as we take in the sights around us.


My blog began as an outlet–a way to express myself.  I confess that I did not know how to fix my hair or makeup or pose like a model…but with the help of fashion magazines, YouTube tutorials, practice, encouragement from family, friends, and fans…my look and confidence evolved.


I learned that others loved my natural curls which up until my blog had been an albatross.  The more I blogged–the more I embraced those curls.  I cannot tell you how many of my classmates and teachers told me to straighten my hair…that I would be prettier with straight hair…I know that deep down they all meant well…but it hurt.  My hair is naturally curly.  I tried many times to straighten it…damaged it severely with a flat iron…because I wanted to be accepted…I wanted to be pretty…like all the girls with straight hair.

Long story–short.  I started to love myself–I started to love everything about myself–inside and out. No, the journey of becoming a confident teenager was not an easy one.

I had to go against what is deemed the “norm”–teenagers being teenagers…I have no other way to explain the norm.  Sadly, there are too many teenagers out there taking  pictures of themselves to get attention from anyone and everyone–not thinking about the future–not thinking about being positive examples–not thinking about WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)….They are just acting without inhibition…without care…without conscience.


This takes me back to the “Entangled by the Norm” post….

After a lot of soul-searching and Bible study, I realized that I love the person God made me.  I love what I am doing.  I have a desire…a passion…a dream…to motivate and encourage my fellow teenagers and even adults.  One does not have to follow the renowned quote of Robert Frost and take the common road or the road less traveled by–No.  Work hard to create your own path.


It will not be easy.  There will be successes.  There will be failures.  There will be joy.  There will be tears.  There will be struggles.  It will take hard work…practice after practice. Yes, you will have to practice…just like Nik Wallenda.  Will it all be worth it?  Absolutely!

Prepare for the critics because they will be there…waiting for failure.  Prepare for the naysayers because they will be there …waiting for a weak moment.  Prepare for the meanies, prepare for the bullies, prepare for the envious…because they will all be there…waiting….Me–I am going to take a little advice from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs–to whistle while I work–tuning them all out.


Phew…I see that I am getting long-winded–my parents say I have always been terrible about that…anyway, life is a high-wire…we must lean left, lean right, kneel for a rest, and give Jesus Christ all of the glory.  I am glad that I was too lazy to look for the remote…and I am so thankful for the ways that God inspires me.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn