Sweater Happy DIY: Take Two!

“Glory days, well, they’ll pass you by. Glory days, in the wink of a young girl’s eye. Glory days, glory days….We just sit around talking about the old times…she starts laughing, thinking about glory days…” Mhmm-Bruce Springsteen surely knows how to sing it! Glory days, oh, the wonderful glory days of summer! Don’t you wish our summer could be just a few months, weeks, even days longer? Sitting and relaxing by the pool, sipping on some ice cold, sweet tea-yes, those are the glory days of summer! It is so sad that it is over till next year, but who says we can’t make fall full of glory days-fashionable glory days! In this week’s adventure, I am going to show all you fashionistas out there how to make these chilly months full of fashionable glory!

Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren
Dress: Sweater Happy DIY
Socks: Target
Shoes: Michael Kors

Right now is the perfect time to head to your local thrift store or go shopping in your own closet for sweaters that need a little love.  This easy peasy, sweater cheesy DIY will show how to convert an old winter sweater into an adorable dress with vintage flare!

What you will need:

  • An oversized winter sweater
  • Scissors
  • Vintage buttons (or new buttons)
  • Needle
  • Thread

Step One:  Find some unique vintage or new buttons the same size as the original ones.  Remove the original buttons and sew on the vintage buttons to give your sweater dress a little VIP touch.

Step Two:  Next, it is time to cut off the sleeves. Measure one inch away from the seams of each sleeve and cut off each sleeve. Tah Dah! Done!

Seriously, done-completed-finished.  In just two steps, you have created a fabulous new staple piece for your closet.

Now, journey with me into the wonderful land of blazers, tights, and crew socks to see how you can make your Sweater Happy DIY a mega must have for your chilly season wardrobe!

I wore my Sweater Happy DIY with a sophisticated neutral blazer, preppy horizontal striped crew socks, and a pair of vibrant mustard yellow stilettos for a wonderful way to dress up and cozy up.  This ensemble was perfect for making a dramatic fashion statement and for grabbing some Starbucks with my girls before heading out for a road trip and shopping spree!  Make that one Venti, extra hot, Caramel Macchiato with extra foam, please!

VIP Tips on Wearing the Sweater Happy DIY:

  1. Classic Boots:  Sporting a traditional pair of classic knee high boots with this DIY dress is a super stylish way to step up your wardrobe!  When the temperatures start to drop more, toss on a vibrant hue blazer for an ensemble that is perfect for running errands around town while staying comfortable, adorable, and cozy!
  2. Sheer Tights:  Embrace sheer tights! Wear your dress DIY with a pair of stunning color block wedges and sheer tights for a striking combination that is a simple way to ace that dressy, yet casual gal look!  This outfit is perfect for a delicious brunch with clients!
  3. Iconic Denim:  Substitute in iconic denim for tights!  This DIY dress looks fantastic when worn over dark jeans and paired with sparkly, chunky jewelry!  Take this outfit to the next level by adding a uniform, fitted blazer and sexy t-straps with your DIY dress!  This outfit can be taken from comfy casual Friday to a Friday night party bash in a snap with just a change of accessories.

How did you dress up your Sweater Happy DIY?  Email me your ensemble combinations to vintage.passionista@gmail.com! I would love to include them in a future blog post!

Stay Fabulous,          

Abby Hathorn




Sweater Happy DIY and a Little Shoutout!

Right now is the perfect time to head to your local thrift store or go shopping in your own closet for sweaters that need a little love…this easy, peasy, sweater, cheesy DIY will show how to convert an old winter sweater into an adorable vest with vintage flare!

What you will need:

  • A winter sweater
  • scissors
  • vintage buttons
  • needle
  • thread
Step1: Find vintage buttons the same size as on the original sweater. Remove the original buttons and sew on the vintage buttons to give your sweater a little VIP touch!

Step 2: Now that the buttons are sewed on, it’s time to cut off the sleeves! Measure one inch away from the seams of each sleeve. Cut off both sleeves…tah dahhh! Done!

I am so excited to show you two ways I decided to wear my sweater happy DIY!

Dress: Sweater Happy DIY
Under shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Target
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bracelet: Deep South Pout
Necklace: BluKat Design
I purchased this oversized sweater at the Raspberry Beret Consignment Shop (Louisville, Mississippi)…from the one dollar rack…as soon as I saw it…I knew it had the potential to be a fabulous DIY!
Earrings: Blu Gertrude
Sweater: Sweater happy DIY
tank top: Forever 21
Belt: Deep South Pout
Shorts: The Attic
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
I just had to pair this oversized sweater with these vintage baby blue shorts! This outfit gives the VIP a put together look that is comfortable and adorable!

My hair is one of my signatures…so keeping my blonde, curly locks healthy during the summer is an absolute must! I want to give a special shoutout to Rachel Edmonds of Mia Salon in Starkville, Mississippi for getting my hair ready for summer!

I want to share with y’all a few things I found out about Rachel who is so precious and darling!

  • Tell us a little something about yourself.

I am 27 years old and have been a cosmetologist for 8 years. I live and work in Starkville, Mississippi at Mia Salon. I love my job, and enjoy making others feel better about themselves.

  • How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as casual to dressy.. I love to accessorize with lots of jewelry and a cute pair of shoes! Clothes and jewelry are definitely a weakness of mine!

  • Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Some of my favorite places to shop are definitely boutiques! One of my favorites is Deep South Pout!

  • What is your favorite genre of music and why?

Some of my favorite genres of music are probably pop and country. I love anything that puts me in a good mood. Dave Matthews is one of my favorites!

  • What are some easy summer hair care tips?

Hair care tips for the summer: Moisturize your locks! The heat and sun dry your hair out, and it is good to do a good moisturizing treatment once a week! Also, keep hair trimmed to avoid split ends and breakage.

Stay tuned next time for a fantabulous Deep South Pout Accessories Challenge:)

In an upcoming blog, I will be sharing with you all the vintage treasures that a friend of mine sent to me from Ten Dollar Vintage which is quite the catch when it comes to parcels of adorable outfits for vintage lovers! Make sure to stay tuned to find out more:)

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Stay fabulous,

Abby Hathorn