Throwback Thursday: Target Sweatshirt


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Throwback Thursday! Today I am going to tell a little story…

While I was scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed, I saw a post by @justaddglam of her wearing a sweatshirt…


Me: Oh, my goodness! I totally have that sweatshirt–I forgot all about it! *runs upstairs to room and gets sweatshirt out of closet* This is perfect for running errands and searching for Cynthia Rowley “Hurry” sneakers in black/gold at Belk today! I hope they still have some….
Mom: What is all the commotion? *okay, so maybe she didn’t say “commotion” but I like to embellish*
Me: Look what I found in my closet! I forgot all about it! 
Mom: Oh, yeah! You had that on your blog last year–I have always loved that sweatshirt!
Me: I know, it’s pretty cute. I am going to wear it today to run errands and go to Belk.
Mom: Why do you need to go to Belk?
Me: To buy new shoes.
Mom: *SMH*

Throw it back with the VIP and take a look at “Work That Floral Skirt” blog post where the Target sweatshirt was first featured on January 9, 2013!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Throwback Thursday: High Heels and Tool Belts


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Throwback Thursday on VIP! Phew! What a fabulous year it has been here in Birmingham–it is hard to believe that the family and I took on the project of renovating the 1981 fixer-upper only a year ago. Words cannot express how happy I am that the renovation is almost complete! It was fun trading in my high heels and jewelry for tennis shoes and a tool belt for a little while…but after a few, long weeks of ripping out and tearing up…I was happy to have my sparkly jewelry and stilettos back again *wink*

As I was reminiscing December 2012 blog posts, I realized that for an entire month–yes, that’s right a month–I wrote brief blogs about the home construction. Oh, man…that was a rough, but fabulous learning experience.

Here are a few of the things I learned from the renovation of the 1981 fixer-upper:

  1. When kicking in walls, it is always important to kick low enough so that you can more easily pull your leg back through the hole. No one likes being stuck between a rock and a hard place–or in this case, a piece of sheetrock and another piece of sheetrock.
  2. Ripping up carpet is the easy part…it is the carpet tacks that will get ya’.
  3. Wicker wallpaper is never a good idea no matter what year it is.

Okay–that is enough throwbacking for now. I must be off to bake some gluten-free brownies for my mom! I would make her do it…but she is not the best at baking desserts–no offense, mom *wink*

While I bake, check out the December 2012 archives here to see the VIP without makeup and her hair fixed. Woah! Say what?! *wink*

See, told ya'--I didn't lie about the wicker wallpaper thing. Check out the blog here to find out what room had this "lovely" wicker wallpaper...

See, I told ya’ about the wicker wallpaper thing. Scary…I know….Check out the blog here to find out what room had this “lovely” wicker wallpaper…I kind of like saying “wicker wallpaper, wicker wallpaper, wicker wallpaper” *smile*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Throwback Thursday: Toddler Tips on Getting Ready

September 29, 1998.

Hello, fabulouses! Today is Throw Back Thursday and in the Instagram world, TBT is an extremely popular hashtag. Most Thursdays, I post a cute or funny baby picture to my @VintagePassionista account–my mom refuses to participate in the matter because it reminds her that I will be turning 18 in November…shh…don’t tell Momma.

Anyway, I picked out some silly (perhaps even a tad bit embarrassing) baby pictures for this week’s TBT and decided they needed a better caption other than #TBT *insert an excess amount of Emojis here*.

Now, I am going to show you how to get ready for a photo shoot–toddler style.


Step 1: Put on your makeup.

When putting on makeup for a photo shoot, it is important to make sure you look absolutely perfect. Put your eye makeup on heavy and thick. It is kind of like coloring–but it’s okay if you run outside of the lines. If you do not have any blush, improvise with lipstick–rub and smear, rub and smear. Last but not least, apply the lip gloss color of your choice.


Step Two: Get Dressed.

With your makeup done, it is now time to get dressed. Hop into sheer black panty hose and tuck in your shirt–Arts and Crafts with a  mix of dress up professionalism.


Step Three: Accessorize and Strike a Pose.

Choosing the right accessories for a photo shoot is crucial. To hide the “I just woke up and didn’t want mommy to comb my hair” look, simply toss on a hat. Tah Dah–strike a pose! Oh, so totally toddler-tastic!


“Just like mommy! Just like Mommy!”

My mom told me that I would parade around the house with her makeup all over my face and ridiculous dress up outfits talking about how I looked just like mommy. Hm…did I look just like mommy? That is the question.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn