Tennessee Williams Tribute: “Kingdom of Earth”

A storm 's a brewin'...the flood waters are a risin'...the levee 's a breakin'...one eerie Mississippi night.  All the citizens, doctors, law enforcement, and even "the help" has fled for them higher grounds...except for one lost soul...soon to be joined by two mo', who seems to be runnin' toward the danger instead of aways from it... [...]

Weekly Whistle: A Vintage Dream…

Here's a little song I wrote (Actually, Bobby McFerrin did.) you might want to sing it for a note...Don't worry, be happy *whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle* Don't worry be happy... Well, hello, fellow fashionistas! I apologize that Weekly Whistle was not posted on Wednesday as planned...I had technical difficulties due to Tropical Storm Isaac then Hurricane [...]