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Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Since I started the VIP Home segment a little over a year ago, I have received many emails from curious fans asking “why I do it.” It is a good question–a fabulous question, as a matter of fact. 

Before blogging was ever even a thought, I was surrounded by all kinds of interior design, re-decorating, renovation, selling, moving, and buying–the whole nine yards. Through all of that, I unconsciously gained a love for adventure and houses of all kinds. For example: I am totally obsessed with little blue houses. If you do not believe me, check out my dream house board on Pinterest here *wink*

Kicking in walls in the master bath of Sloss Castle.

The main “life-event” that sparked the idea for “VIP Home” was when my family and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama and tackled a total renovation project. If you are just now joining us on VIP, be sure to take a glance back at some of the reno blogs here. Note: my leg came out unharmed after getting stuck in a wall *wink* We had a lot of laughs over it…so many that my mom took a picture to capture the moment *wink*

VIP Home not only broadens the VIP’s content from just fashion and beauty–because writing about the same thing over-and-over again gets a bit boring after a while *wink*–but writing about home also gives me the opportunity to share cool and fun ideas with y’all. In the famous words of American advertising director William Bernbach, “word of mouth is the best medium of all.”

My dad and I after the “sold” sign went up at our house in the Tutwiler Farms subdivision of Trussville, Alabama.

So, to answer y’all’s question in the simplest way, I do VIP Home because the home has played a huge role in my life–from teaching me how to fix a leaking shower head to total renovation. Although I am no expert, I want to write about and share my home experiences with y’all in a fun way that makes YOU want to put more heart into your home. :)


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Scrapbook: Hottest Moments of 2013

IMG_9966Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! My goodness, can you believe that in just a few short hours (depending on your time zone haha) it will be 2014?! Phew! It has been a fabulous year for the VIP because I have met some amazing people and done some amazing things–and I could not have done any of it without y’all’s love and support.

Now, as we prepare to ring in the New Year, let’s take a look at the VIP’s hottest posts of 2013 (in no particular order)….and then the moment y’all have all been waiting for *drum roll* NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS. *gasp* Come on, let’s get started!


1. VIP Interview with Extreme Home Makeover Edition’s Ty Pennington

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2. Birmingham Fashion Week 2013

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3.  VIP Interview with Denim Experts Chip & Pepper Foster

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4.  Grand Haul Girl with The Outlet Shops of Grand River

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18 Days of Grand Haul outfit series here. (video here)


5. VIP Interview with Project Runway Season 12’s Ken Laurence

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Project Runway archives and mini interviews with Ken here.


Now, it is time for NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS! Whoo hoo!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Interview: Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Ty Pennington


Ty Pennington is no stranger to the world of TV as he first gained his international fame as the spunky and cute carpenter on TLC’s Trading Spaces. This was only the beginning for Ty because he went on to star in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series. “The instantly recognizable sound of Ty Pennington’s “Good Morning!” has become an unmistakable sign of hope for families and communities, as he has helped transform the lives of thousands, while inspiring millions more around the world.” (

With his energetic personality and his contagious spirit, Ty has managed to change the lives of families and viewers everywhere. Thank you, Ty Pennington, for encouraging us all to make a difference. “I have been blessed to have a really great job….Working together with volunteers to change the lives of others knowing that it [the change] will impact the rest of their lives is the greatest gratification in the world,” explained Ty Pennington at his appearance at the Birmingham Home Show 2013.

Do you want Ty Pennington in your home and by your bedside? Well, here is how!

  • Pennington recently launched a new fabric line, Ty Pennington Impressions with Westminster Fabrics.
  • Ty Pennington Style is Pennington’s seasonal home décor line carried at Sears, offering fun and stylish home fashions at affordable prices.
  • Pennington’s flooring Ty Pennington Collection for Lumber Liquidators is available in stores and online nationwide.
  • Pennington’s latest book, How Good Design Can Change Your Life (Simon & Schuster) is an intimate look at Ty’s design inspirations with décor advice and tips.
  • His New York Times best seller Ty’s Tricks (Hyperion) is part reference and part behind-the-scenes in Ty’s own home, which he completely remodeled himself.

Now, without further ado, I introduce to y’all the VIP’s fun and fabulous interview with home-design expert Ty Pennington!


Abby: What is your favorite power tool?

Ty: My favorite power tool would probably be my camera because I can capture a lot of ideas from my surroundings. My other favorite power tool would have to be a belt sander because you can just plug it in with a really long extension cord, turn it [the belt sander] on, set it down, and it will race forever! That is a lot of fun!

Abby: What kind of power tool would you suggest to a girl like myself?

Ty: A reciprocating saw or maybe a drill gun. Those are two great things for small projects.


Abby: What color best describes you?

Ty: BRIGHT ORANGE! The happiness of the sun, mixes with the dynamic of the red, which gives you the creativity of the orange.

Abby: What advice can you give to young professionals looking to start an easy and inexpensive renovation project?

Ty: A lot of people say just change wall color, but I think you can take it a step more than that. You can take one wall and give it a lot of personality by using something as easy as a wallpaper for an accent or even blowing up a photo you love to put on the wall…

When you first walk into a home, I think that home should immediately express the personality of the person who lives there, and one way to do that is by incorporating things you love–whether it is wallpaper, a photograph, or fun color. A one wall project is something anybody can tackle!


Abby: What is your least favorite room to renovate? My dad’s is a bathroom.

Ty: Well…yeah, bathrooms do suck! I have to totally agree with your dad on that one–bathrooms are horrible to renovate, but it is a lot better than leaving them the way they are!

Anything that has to do with DUROCK, tile, and being on your knees grouting is a pain in the butt; however, bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that bring in the biggest value to your home.


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Abby Hathorn

SNEAK PEEK: Interviews with Ty Pennington & Mark Brunetz



I wonder what Ty Pennington, Mark Brunetz, and the VIP talked about today at the Birmingham Home Show? Hmm…

Stay tuned for two VERY fabulous interviews to appear here and on! Oh, my fabulouses….I absolutely cannot wait to share it all with y’all!

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