Fabulous Friday: Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cupcakes


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Fabulous Friday!

This week on Fabulous Friday, I would like to chat about a gluten-free goody that I discovered–Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix.

For those of you who do not know, my mom is a type-one diabetic and was recently diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten–she does not have Celiac disease. That is totally different; however, her endocrinologist thought it best that she avoid gluten. So in order to fully support her, we all switched to eating gluten free. We have become total label-reading pros at the grocery store–scanning each item for the “Gluten Free Certified” badge…and a whole list of other things that I am not going to chat about today! 

The VIP and her absolutely fabulous mom!  :)
The VIP and her absolutely fabulous mom! :) This photo was taken before my mom went gluten free. At her last endo visit a few weeks ago, she had lost eight pounds, reduced her a1c by one point, and her thyroid levels were all normal. This is fabulous news because she has been struggling to get happy reports! She will be heading for another checkup next Friday–so prayers and fingers crossed!

I love to bake; however, I am no Cake Boss *wink*. So, I started searching online for gluten-free cupcake recipes and found one that seemed somewhat simple. I tried it….and needless to say, it was a total flop. No one wanted to eat them…not even Ziva, my Giant Schnauzer *sad face* Back to Google I went, and after several searches, I stumbled upon the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix–and it was available at my local Publix. Yay! SCORE!

 To add a bit more chocolate to the cupcakes, I sprinkled in some gluten-free chocolate chunks by Enjoy Life–Yum yum yum! Girls have got to have their chocolate *wink* This recipe was so simple–If I can’t mess it up, I know y’all will do fabulous *wink*

 Now, before I show y’all the picture of my cupcake…I must warn y’all–I am not a food photographer nor a 5 star baker…*wink*

A diabetic-friendly alternative to icing is cream cheese. Mom and I found a great all-natural brand called "Temp Tee", and it is absolutely delish! So yummy I could just eat it with a spoon *wink*
A diabetic-friendly alternative to icing is cream cheese. Mom and I found a great, all-natural brand called “Temp Tee,” and it is absolutely delicious! It’s so yummy that I could just eat it with a spoon *wink*

  If you are looking for a tasty gluten-free snack to tame your sweet tooth, give these cupcakes a try! The VIP gives the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake mix 5 delicious stars! 


To make your own cupcakes, simply follow the instructions on the box and toss in some chocolate chunks for additional goodness. Next time, I might add some pecans…hmmmm…


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Zoolight Safari 2012


Hello, hello, hello, my lovely fashionistas! If y’all were wondering why this week’s Weekly Whistle was not posted on December 19, it is because I was volunteering at the Birmingham Zoo for the Zoolight Safari! It was so much fun, and I just had to share it with all of you! Since I was unable to walk around and take adorable pictures as usual, I gave my mom permission to be “Miss VIP Jr.” as I took up tickets for the train ride! Let’s just say my mom had a lot of fun “playing me” haha:)


A short tour of the Birmingham Zoo’s “Zoolight Safari” brought to you by the VIP’s mom, Chasidy Hathorn!

Sweater: The Loft
Blouse: The Attic (Yes, I let my mom borrow my beloved vintage pieces.)
Pants: The Loft
Shoes: Sanuk
Purse: Vera Bradley

I styled my mom’s outfit to help her to be comfortable with her new Mini Med Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump with CGM. My mom is a type one diabetic so finding the prefect outfit is key to being comfy and confident!

IMG_7910 IMG_7912 IMG_7916 IMG_7865 IMG_7871 IMG_7869 IMG_7917 IMG_7881

I met  a lot of amazing people as I volunteered at Zoolight Safari on December 19! There were lots of laughs and smiles as I got random hugs from joyful kids who thought I was Santa’s helper. The event  that made my night was when I met several very enthusiastic girls who thought it was “totally boss”  that I write a blog, newspaper column, and style outfits for a magazine at 17.  Totally boss…I might have to start using that…

IMG_7883 IMG_7885 IMG_7886

I could not do all of the fabulous things I have done without my amazing parents! Thank you Mom and Deddy for everything y’all do for “the sake of the blog”! From shopping sprees to staying up all night planning photo shoots, there is no way I could do it alone!

IMG_7923 IMG_7921

This basically sums up how ridiculous my Dad and I act on a regular basis...got to love us:)
This basically sums up how ridiculous my Dad and I act on a regular basis…got to love us:)

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Happy Holidays to all! May your holiday events be filled with love, laughter and fashion!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

The VIP’s New Do with Rachel Edmonds

If you live around the Starkville, MS area and are looking for a fantastic hair cut and color…then Rachel Edmonds is your girl!

Last week I got a bit of a hair makeover by the lovely Rachel Edmonds of Mia Salon in Starkville, Mississippi. It was a slight dramatic change…Rachel cut 5 inches off of my curly locks…I was a bit nervous, but the end result was super fabulous…I feel all bouncy and pouncy :)

I  had to share my ‘do makeover with all of my lovely readers.  I knew that it might be a shocker to see me in future blogs with much shorter hair without a background stroy!

The above picture was taken by my mom…bless her and her type 1 diabetes!  We had to hurry straight to lunch so she could eat before her “sugar” crashed…so my hair is still damp…but even a bit damp…it looks fantastic!  Thanks to a wonderful cut and color!

Fall Hair Tips by Rachel Edmonds:

  • After summer, hair is dry from all the summer sun…So, definitely moisturize and trim those ends.
  • Go with a caramel or beige color, if you are a blonde, and a warm, rich brown color, if you are a brunette.
  • Cute headbands and messy buns are stylish for fall!

Aren’t those tips great! And..isn’t Rachel just VIP fabulous!  Thanks, Rachel, you are a doll!

Join me next time for a spectacular blog about a fantastic new shop I ran across while antiquing and picking with my mom in Springville, Alabama! You will not want to miss this humdinger of a blog, I promise:)

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Abby Hathorn