VIP Home: I Am a Messy Painter and Organizer


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Over the weekend, I completed my major paint projects–my kitchen and bathroom…Ah, It  feels good to see the rooms coated with bright and happy colors rather than dark and gloomy ones. Oh, wait! I still have to paint my front porch floor. *NOTE TO SELF* Paint porch floor.

Tah dah! I lovely yellow kitchen!
Tah dah! A lovely yellow kitchen! Stay tuned for the kitchen reveal for the name of this sunny yellow paint.
A sassy green bathroom with a funky and colorful shower curtain from Target. Love. Love. Love.
A sassy green bathroom with a funky and colorful shower curtain from Target. Love. Love. Love.

I am a messy painter. I am not going to deny it. During the kitchen painting process, I ended up with paint in my hair, all over my hands and legs, and even ruined a perfectly white t-shirt…to be honest, I am not quite sure how it all happened…one moment, I am clean–and the next…I am covered in paint like a five year old. Perhaps, I should not  paint anymore…Nope, that would not be a good idea or fun because I still have paint projects left to do. Hmmmm…I know–I will invest in a cute artist smock! Besides, my mom always says it is good to get a little dirty–in a good way, of course*wink*

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Now that both the kitchen and bathroom are painted, it is time to start organizing the small spaces–but the problem is I am also a messy organizer. Wait…is it even possible to be messy and organized at the same time? Oh, goodness…I don’t know! That’s why I called in the professional–my mom. She is excellent at cleaning, organizing, and designing spaces to be cute and fun, yet functional and organized. So, today, Mom and I took a little trip to TJMaxx and Target where we spent several hours debating about my specific organizational needs, how to make the spaces functional while sticking to a budget, and…we shopped for a few other random things *wink* 

Hm....I wonder what's in the bags? Stay tuned to the blog to find out *wink*  P.S. What do y'all think of my precious floor rug for outside? I think it is too precious!
Hm….I wonder what fabulous things are in the bags? Stay tuned to the blog to find out *wink*
P.S. What do y’all think of my darling outdoor rug?

On our shopping trip, we found some spectacular things that are sure to brighten up the space and brighten up my sleepy self as I get dressed in the mornings–I will spare you the horror story of when I accidentally dropped my mascara in the toilet due to my lack of organization in the apartment bathroom. Long story short, mom came to the rescue…and the spaces will begin to look even more functionally fabulous! Thanks, mom, for putting up with my nonsense and helping me out today! I truly appreciate it:)

Working on inspirational and fun quote artwork to attach to the clip boards in the kitchen. So far, I have three completed :)
Working on inspirational and fun quotes for my kitchen. So far, I have three completed…whoo hoo!
The kitchen is still a working process...and I have still yet to find a home for Estelle *sigh*
The kitchen is a work in progress…and I have still haven’t found a place for Estelle *sigh* P.S. Real fashionistas use power tools to hang their cutesy kitchen shelves *wink*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


VIP DIY: VIP Glamour Heels

“Living in a material world, and I am a material girl. You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl”…Oh, hey readers! I guess y’all are wondering why I was just singing “Material Girl” by the music icon Madonna? Let me tell you a little story about the most divine pair of vibrant pink heels by Madonna’s clothing line “Material Girl”. I purchased them for the spectacular price of $10.00 at TJMaxx in Trussville, Alabama. Due to the fabulous price and good times that I have had in my “Material Girl” heels, I just could not convince myself to throw them out or donate them. So what did I decide to do, you ask?  Well, I rescued them! I turned my toe-nicked, well-worn heels into totally revamped VIP Glamour Heels!

Top: JCrew
Skirt: TJMaxx
Shoes: VIP DIY

It is time now for a little, quick DIY on how to create VIP Glamour Heels!  Grab 220 grit (very fine) sandpaper, a leather puncher (I have read and seen where some crafters have used a paper hole puncher), decoupage glue, a clear spray (such as ModPodge Matte or Glossy Clear Acrylic Sealer), and a pair of scuffed up heels, and hop in my VW Bug with me and join me on a fabulous journey of crafting your own VIP Glamour Heels!

Starting out, lightly sand each shoe all over. To add more “nicks and scratches”, sand more vigorously-this will give your shoes a shabby chic, yet glamorous “distressed” look. Please trust me on this one.  I promise the outcome is going to be fabulous!  After sanding, punch holes for laces (following the pattern of a classic tennis shoe) being sure to align each hole correctly; otherwise, you will have some not so stellar VIP Glamour Heels.  If you are a daring fashionista, feel free to add texture by applying decoupage glue and lightly adhering scrap fabric to the shoe.  Do not worry about being neat in this step-just apply glue and stick.   Let the glue and fabric dry for approximately ten minutes and then slowly peel off the fabric. This technique will leave your shoes looking slightly texturized and fabulous! Once the desired distressed and textured look is achieved, spray an even coat of sealant (following the instructions on the can) on each shoe.  Once you have sanded, punched holes, added texture (if desired), and sealed, it is time to add some darling ribbon for laces!  TAH DAH! Now you have fabulously made VIP Glamour Heels!

Dear VIP, how do I wear my VIP Glamour Heels?  No need to fret, fellow fashionistas!  I am going to give you three different tips to help style these born again heels into forget-me-not ensembles!

How to Wear VIP Glamour Heels:

  • Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!:  Pair a ravishingly colored floral skirt with a solid hue tee and then add your VIP Glamour Heels for a striking combination that says “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun!”- Oh, girls just wanna have fu-un. Oh, girls just wanna have fun. (*Fade Music*)
  • I Love Rock N’ Roll: Rolled up jeans and a graphic or band tee work harmoniously with VIP Glamour Heels! This ensemble will give you a laid-back weekend look with a rocker’s edge. I love rock n’ roll so put another dime in the jukebox baby. I love rock n’ roll, so, come and take your time to dance with me! (*Fade Music*)
  • Flash Dance!: Dance your way into a wonderful ensemble! Pair your VIP Glamour Heels with cropped leggings and an oversized sweatshirt with the collar cut out for an outfit that will leave you singing “What a feeling, bein’ believin’. I can have it all. Now, I’m dancing for my life!” (*Exit Stage Left*)

Shout out to my dear, sweet, precious, jewelry artisan, Lisa Hamilton of Beadsoul! She recently created a hand stamped “stay FABULOUS” ring for me (as seen above). Along with it, A super adorable wing necklace with a little pearl! Go check out Beadsoul on Etsy, order yourself something directly from her shop or order something personalized, and tell her the VIP sent you:)


I also want to give a shout of to the pocketbook savvy DIYer-Mark Montano! His YouTube channel and facebook page are filled with creative ideas that any crafter or fashionista would love! VIP Glamour heels got their inspiration from Mark Montano’s creative ways of upcycling!


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Abby Hathorn



Vintage Inspired meets Vintage Hip

On my latest adventure, my mom and I were antiquing in Springville, Alabama when we stumbled upon a darling shop-Vintage Hip (open Wednesday-Saturday 10-6).

Vintage Hip got its start just a few months ago, but judging by the parking lot and constant flow of customers…the news about this charming, vintage-inspired shop is spreading!  Becky Coffelt and her daughter Hannah Cornelious dreamed it and started it…and let me say that Becky is most precious with lovely curly hair like mine!

Vintage Hip has so many wonderful, funky, charming, unique things to offer to lovers of art, vintage, upcycling, and handmade jewelry. Vintage Hip has handmade clay jewelry by Rebekah Blocher Designs from Alabama and upcycled bags by Raemissigman out of St. Cloud, Florida. They also offer repurposed vintage furniture, custom built furniture, and steller upcycled picture frames that just scream shabby chic!

As my mom and I walked around Vintage Hip in awe, we decided to pick up a few fabulous things before heading back to good ole’ Mississippi. We purchased an eye-catching folk art piece by Marion Baker of Blockhead Arts, “Man Hands Shop Scrub” organically made by Roman’s Marketplace which I added to my dad’s Birthday Bash Basket, and a darling Lenny and Eva bracelet for a certain arm candy obsessed fashionista …*cough, cough* ME!:)

Even if you don’t live near the Springville, Alabama area-you won’t regret a roadtrip just to visit Vintage Hip! It is such a strikingly fabulous shop that everyone must see! When you arrive…tell them the VIP sent you;)

Check out these links to see Vintage Hip, Blockhead Arts, Rebekah Blocher,  RaeMissigman, and Lenny and Eva!

Vintage Hip:

Blockhead Arts:

Rebekah Blocher:


Lenny and Eva:

Here are a few more photos of a dreamy paradise called “Vintage Hip”…

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Columbus Pilgrimage Part 2:

After a very palatable lunch at Sweet Peppers Deli, my mommy and my deddy and I resumed our antebellum expedition by continuing on the Blue Tour. At Peppers, I had the most delectable thing on the menu (in my opinion…) the baked potato with cheese, bacon, butter…plethora of butter… and absolutely, positively, NO SOUR CREAM! I despise sour cream……One day, when I famous…I am going to walk into restaurants….they will seat me…and immediately serve me my baked potato with cheese, bacon, and extra butter…sans sour cream. I digress….

First Stop on the Blue Tour was Whitehall, circa 1843 two-story Greek-Revival Town House.  The current owners of Whitehall are Dr. and Mrs. Joe Boggess and family.

Mrs. Carol Boggess is the perfect Southern hostess, delightful storyteller, and just absolutely adorable!

This home has purple and red peek-a-boo glass surrounding the front entrance which allows people to see out, but not in.

The Boggess family has the bag containing all of the original keys of the home. How awesome!


A bullet was dug out of the front door during renovation. It’s assumed that it came from a carpetbagger’s gun during a riot…According to Merriam-Webster online, a carpetbagger was, “A Northerner in the South after the American Civil War usually seeking private gain under the reconstruction of governments.”  They carried all of their belongings in carpet bags, hence the name “carpetbaggers”!

Whitehall has the original radiators (which work)…this particular one in the dining room caught my eye because it has a bread warmer in it!

Here are a few interesting facts I learned about Whitehall while visiting there:

  • The house was originally insulated with horse hair.
  • Closets were added in the 1960s, and prior to that ginormous wardrobes were used because all rooms were taxed…and closets were considered rooms.
  • The current master bedroom was once the ballroom.
  • Upcyling has been around for a really long time…a piano was converted into a desk…and another piano was made into a table!

My family and I strolled on to the next stop on our pilgrimage journey, Colonnade Garden. The garden was built in the 1860s, and the current owners are Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Hill. The garden was very classy with a Southern flair.

The last stop on our adventure was Rosewood Manor. Rosewood was constructed in 1835, and it’s current owners are Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Hicks…If you are a fan of antique porcelain then go here! If you’re clumsy…this is not the place for you!

Mrs. Hicks has an excessive, astronomical, staggering…(you would not want to stagger here!) collection of antique porcelain. Rosewood Manor is a showcase for what is probably one of the world’s largest collections of porcelain…I don’t mean to dwell on the word porcelain…it is something you have to see for yourself to understand….

My experience at the 72nd Annual Columbus Spring Pilgrimage was quite memorable, and I encourage all of you to make your own pilgrimage to Columbus, Mississippi next spring!

Check out Columbus, Mississippi online at

The next blog will be….*drum roll*…..wait for ittttttttt(Psych quote)……THRIFT STORE FINDS! YAYY!! I am very very VERY excited to share this thrifty find with y’all! So stay tuned to the VIP blog to see what nifty find I found while in Meridian, Mississippi! Speaking of Meridian….My family gained a new member today! Ella Ryleigh Williams, daughter of my cousin Melanie Eaves Williams…Ella is so precious, and I know my Paw Riley is proud to have her named after him:) I just love my Paw Riley sooo much! He is just like the coolest grandpa ever!


Abby Hat.


Christmas in My Mailbox- Part Uno

After spending many hours narrowing down which pieces of jewelry to get from Beadsoul, BluKat Design, Hearts of Stone, Wearwolf, and Rare Daisy….I finally decided what to order! While waiting for everything to get here…I literally checked my mailbox every single day…I even checked the mail in thunderstoms…I dont even leave the closet during thunderstorms…much less check the mail! Every time a package was in the mailbox, I would jump around like it was Christmas! It was like Christmas in my mailbox….in March!


Now, I would like to share with you in no particular order all my Etsy “presents” and a little bit about each jewelry artisan.

Wearwolf is a shop on Etsy owned by Vicki Wolf. Vicki creates totally rad upcycled, recycled wearable art from things like…cans and license plates. There is no way to describe in words how unique and funky her jewelry is…you will just have to see for yourself! I would like to have one of everything! Please….mom….please?:( *puppy dog eyes* Dang….those never work on her! :(

 W0uld you like to own some of Vicki Wolf’s magnificent pieces of jewelry?? Check out her Etsy shop!

Heather O’Cain is the owner of the Etsy shop BluKatDesign. Heather makes beautiful jewelry from vintage pieces! Her jewelry will give any girl a conversation piece at a party or just going to school! There are so many things from Heather’s shop that I would absolutely love to own! I love her logo…one day…I will have my own logo…someday……I can see myself now…famous…famous wearing BluKat jewelry…on the beach…Oh…hey there…sorry about that…I was just daydreaming! Back on topic!

Would you like to order some of Heather O’Cain’s adorable pieces of handmade jewelry? Then Check out her Etsy shop!

Beadsoul is a precious Etsy shop that I just adore. Lisa Hamilton was my very first VIP Interview, and I am very honored to  know her! She makes personalized jewelry such as ID bracelets, charm necklaces, and leather cuffs! Lisa also makes earrings, stacker rings, guitar picks, and key chains. Looking into the future…I can see myself having TONS of jewelry by Beadsoul….I have a Beadsoul addiction:)! Can a girl really have too much jewelry?!?

Would you like to own a piece of Beadsoul jewelry?? Then check out her Etsy shop, and see all of the wonderful, cute things she has to offer!:)

This is only part one my dear readers! In part dos of  “Christmas in my Mailbox”, Hearts of Stone and RareDaisy will be the two featured Etsy shops! I cannot wait to share the rest of my Etsy finds with you!:)

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Abby Hathorn:)