Birmingham Fashion Week 2012: Part 2

This dress is from Thursday’s Headlining Designer, Annie Griffin.  I love this collection because the fabrics and colors are simply gorgeous.  I wish I could have bought the entire collection right then and there!  I am obsessed with everything Annie Griffin!

It’s been several days since (isn’t there a Barenaked Ladies song that starts out something like that?…) Anyway… It’s been several days since I was at BFW…Now, looking back at all of  the pictures I took and reading all the posts I can find on it…it’s hard to believe that I was actually there! I am still stoked that I was introduced to Karla Simmons, Ph.D. from Auburn University. She informed me about the Project Design Week being held at Auburn University on July 15-20…so hoping that I get to attend this amazing opportunity! Are you interested in attending the Project Design Week? If you are… here is the link that will tell you everything you need to know!

In this blog post, I’m sharing my favorites from Thursday’s show.  It was sooo hard narrowing down the pictures…

Without further ado…

Molly Franks, absolutely a fabulous job!
Adore. What else is there to say!:)
What a precious little black dress modeled by Molly Franks!
Awe… the Annie Griffin girls! You two girls honestly created some pretty awesome things that I am so excited that I got to see in person!
I want to give props to all the hair artists who worked so hard to make every model look fantastic!
This creative Rising Design Star made a dress out of computer wires! And yes, those are working lights at the bottom of the dress! Still amazed by this creation…
I have to give the makeup artists 5 stars…actually…6 stars because they did such a wonderful job! I wish I had a personal makeup artist….
I am still amazed at this dress…
Loved this Rising Design Star’s design! So creative!
This must have been extremely time consuming, but totally worth it! Soooo darling:)
Winner of the BFW Rising Design Star Challenge! That dress was an astounding work of art but….there is no way that dress was comfortable!
MayMay Cates.
Another magnificent design by Travis Mackey!
I am a huge fan of this color! Can I paint everything this color now?…
Dress designed by Holly Griffin Thomas, one of the Rising Design Stars! This dress is so cute and funky, truly a work of art! This dress was modeled by Holly’s sister, Anna Leigh Thomas Arsenault.

Well, there you have it readers…part 2 of the BFW coverage by the Vintage Inspired Passionista herself! I know, it is such an honor;) haha… Anyway… I wanted to let all you fashionistas know that I will be attending the New Orleans Fashion Week March 21-25! I am so pumped for spring break to get here so I can go to NOLA! Stay tuned for next time blog followers for the BIG reveal of what I will be wearing to a special event this Saturday!

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Abby Hathorn


The Genesis of V.I.P. (I have always wanted to use that word…)

Welcome to the Vintage Inspired Passionista (V.I.P. from here on out because it’s much faster to type and say) blog.  My name is Abby Hathorn, and vintage is my fancy.  I have been highly inspired by old movies such as Pretty in Pink and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Who doesn’t love the classics!  Music has also played a huge role in my style.  I absolutely adore vintage record covers and music icons like Madonna and Joan Jett.  What girl hasn’t danced around her room with her hairbrush microphone singing Like a Virgin and I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll?


My fascination with couture began at a young age.  I was always playing dress up with my mom’s clothes, jewelry, and shoes.  I loved sneaking into her makeup drawer and attempting to “glamorize” myself haha.  Yes, quite the budding Picasso!  Once I was old enough to wear “big girl” clothes, I developed a strong crush for all things vintage. These days…Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and thrift stores are some of my favorite places to shop and gather ideas.  There’s nothing better than playing  the “thrift store challenge” with my mom.  What is the thrift store challenge, you ask?  Well…it is…can’t tell you that today…stay tuned to my blog for more details :)

My mother is the owner of a upcycling art studio called The Lolly Molly.  Her passion for upcycling and repurposing things triggered my thought process…and fashion DIYs were born. Fashion DIYs (not only clothes, but also functional art) are simple, funky projects that  involve thrift finds and items discovered in the back of the closet…because we all have that one article of clothing that we love…but the sleeves are too short…yet we can’t bring ourselves to throw it out because of all the memories!  Later on, I will be blogging about my old jean jacket that I repurposed.  It will have step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own!

Please join me on my V.I.P. blogging adventure.

thanks & hugs:)

Abby Hathorn

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