Weekly Whistle: Vintage Vibes | 1970s Floral Dress from Greeneville, TN

O. M. G. Y'ALL-- Look at this beauty of a vintage find I picked up on my first visit to Greeneville, Tennessee! It's 1970s, great condition, funky floral, colorful...Oh, it's perfect! SO perfect! *jumps up and down* Okay--let me gather myself and be an adult for a second *deep breath* My mom and I took a little trip to [...]

VIP’s Three Best Halloween Songs for Killer Karaoke

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! AHH! As I have been counting down the days to Halloween, I have been constantly jamming out to old Halloween-y tunes to get myself in the spook-tac-ular mood *wink* So, this week for Three Ways to Wear Thursday, I am taking a karaoke break from fashion because I [...]