Beauty Tues: The Clarisonic Aria PLUS


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues! This week’s Beauty Tues News is all about Clarisonic’s Aria PLUS device which is designed to help create beautiful skin for the face and body.

I stumbled upon this gem of an item at Belk at The Southern Women’s Show. Since discovering it, I have used it every single day! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been amazed at the transformation of my skin. The Clarisonic has helped eliminate those pesky blackheads without the hurtful tools or painful nose strips.


For people like me who have sensitive/acne prone skin, the Clarisonic Aria PLUS with detachable body handle is perfect for using after a workout–it easily scrubs away all the sweat and grime–which helps to prevent pores from clogging. With my busy lifestyle and little time to book a facial, the Clarisonic Aria PLUS is the VIP’s beauty pick of the week because it is so easy to use and leaves my skin fresh and glowing.

Get the Products in the Box:

  • Lancôme Crème Radiance. Learn more about this product here.

  • Lancôme Flash Bronzer. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleanser. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Normal Brush Head. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Body Brush Head. Lean more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Aria PLUS in Turquoise Mediterranean. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle. Learn more about this product here.

  • Clarisonic Barrel Bag. Get the bag here.


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Come back next Tuesday for another VIP Beauty Tues News!


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Abby Hathorn


Saks Fifth Avenue: Bobbi Brown and ReVive at Beauty Week

The VIP at the Bobbi Brown event at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham's beauty week.
The VIP at the Bobbi Brown event at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham’s beauty week.

Hello, my fabulouses! I had such a wonderful time at the Birmingham Saks Fifth Avenue Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Event with National MUA Carrie Wilson. Oh, my fashionistas, Bobbi Brown makeup is so fresh and clean–I absolutely love it!

The VIP chatting with MUA Carrie Wilson at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham.
The VIP chatting with MUA Carrie Wilson at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham.

At the event, I had the pleasure of meeting MUA Carrie Wilson. I was so spectacularly excited as Carrie dolled me up with the popular smokey eye. “At Bobbi, we are all about teaching you how to be your own makeup artist,” explained Wilson as she was showing me how to add some pizzazz to my daily eye makeup routine. “The smokey-eye is pretty easy…I did not use a ton of products on you, and that is what Bobbi is all about…I certainly love the smokey-eye, and with the products I used on you today, you will be able to go home and repeat it yourself.”

Abby: What is your favorite product?

Carrie: I have a lot of favorites; however, my latest favorite is the Brightening Brick Compact because it looks good on everyone! It takes the lines out of the blush and gives the skin a nice, smooth, airbrush finish. I also love our gel eyeliners! Oh, I cannot forget about our foundations! They [the foundations] are great because they look like skin–not like makeup.

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When it comes to trying out new makeup trends, I tend to be a little iffy about doing it myself. If you have ever watched the GoGurt commercial  where the mom scares her kids with her overdone smokey-eye, you will understand why the VIP is a bit wary!

Well, I NEVER want to look like that and scare my precious furbaby, Ziva…

Super big thanks to Carrie Wilson and her lovely tips because I now feel more confident with doing the smokey eye trend!

The VIP and Carrie Wilson at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham.

IMG_5324 IMG_5331

The VIP with Peggy Lee at Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham.

The fun did not stop there! I dropped by the ReVive counter where I spoke with Peggy Lee about the fabulous products that the line has to offer for all ages. “ReVive is a great alternative to Botox treatments or going under the knife…We offer products to moisturize and tighten/firm the skin as well as treatment for acne prone skin…the ReVive line is truly amazing,” explained Peggy Lee at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I am currently trying out the ReVive Acne Reparatif treatment gel. Stay tuned to the blog every Tuesday for Beauty Tues where I will talk about all things VIP beauty!

To learn more about ReVive products, please visit


Saks Fifth Avenue Birmingham is such a fabulous place. At beauty week, I learned so much and met so many super sweet people. I was truly amazed at the wide array of makeup, fragrance, and skincare S5A Birmingham offers. Oh, my! Two stories of superb apparel, handbags, makeup, fragrance, and skincare…it does not get much better than that! Head on over to S5A Birmingham for a terrific shopping experience.


One thing I have started to do is invest in myself by buying good quality makeup and skincare products. My mom has always told me to invest in my appearance because I will not be young forever. So, I have made it my mission to take care of my skin from every aspect–whether it is with fabulous makeup like Bobbi Brown or with skincare products like ReVive, it is important to invest in yourself…keeping yourself beautiful while feeling beautiful…at the same time!

IMG_5338Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn