Weekly Whistle: Barter Theatre Tee, Denim Mini, and Burgundy Leather

Hey, y'all! I am reminiscing about the fabulous VIP road trip to Abingdon, Virginia...Oh, how I love that artsy little city! I cannot wait until the next VIP road trip to Abingdon--I will so be making extra time to go see a play at the iconic Barter Theatre! :) I think I will go make some time on [...]

30 Day J.Crew Challenge: The Perfect Road Trip Outfit

Hello, my fabulouses! Welcome back to the VIP blog for the NUMBER SEVEN J.Crew Challenge outfit! Phew...we have made the first week of September lovely with J. Crew Factory outfit posts. Oh, I cannot wait to share even more, but before I let the cat out of the bag about what is to come tomorrow...let's [...]

30 Day J.Crew Challenge: Accessories Make All the Difference

Hello, my fabulouses, and welcome back! Today's 30 Day J.Crew Challenge outfit focuses on why accessories make all the difference! Since the beginning of my existence, I have loved accessories. As an accessory loving toddler, I sported a denim hat and Rugrats watch with my Huggies pull-ups to transit from daycare to McDonald's with ease. As a big [...]