Weekly Whistle: Sweater Weather Love


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

WOOOO!!! It’s Wednesday which means the week is halfway over, and, of course, it means it’s Weekly Whistle time *wink*

It is definitely sweater-weather time, and I am definitely excited about breaking out my big, chunky sweaters again! Living in a colder climate than I grew up in, I am learning how to layer and actually make sweaters cute. Up until my moving to Northeast Tennessee, I don’t think I owned more than one sweater, and it was probably an ugly Christmas sweater from the sixth grade *wink* NOW…I have drawers and drawers of sweaters of all kinds that I am just dying to wear! *happy dance*

Okay–okay! That is enough about my newfound sweater obsession.  Let’s take a look at this week’s VIP Weekly Whistle and get in the #SweaterWeather mood! 

IMG_0425 IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0429 IMG_0441 IMG_0461 IMG_0440 IMG_0464 IMG_0433 IMG_0454 IMG_0451 IMG_0427 IMG_0426

Sweater: GAP

Skirt: Style (Bristol, Tenn.)

Tights: Target

Heels: vintage BCBG

Necklace: BluKatDesign

Sunnies: Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses Hut

Blooper *wink* We always have a fun and silly time on photo shoots :)
Blooper *wink* We always have a fun and silly time on photo shoots :)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whisle: Summer Slouch Series Outfit 2


Hello, my fabulouses, guess what day it is? Fashionistas, what day is it? Oh, come on! I know you can hear me! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it Mike? hahahahahah Leslie, guess what day it is! “It’s hump day.” WHOOP WHOOP! …

Sorry, I just had to do that–I absolultely adore that camel on the Geico commercial….ANYWAY it is WEEKLY WHISTLE TIME! Yay! So, without further ado, let’s see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is!


IMG_9864 IMG_9874 IMG_9856 IMG_9850 IMG_9885

Blouse: Belk

Skirt: Belk

Shoes: Lucky Brand, Belk

Hat: Cos-Medi Center, Columbus, MS


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle: Spooktacular Halloween Mash Up

“They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re the Addams Family.  Their house is a museum.  Where people come to see ‘em.  They really are a scream.  The Addams family.  So get a witches shawl on.  A broomstick you can crawl on.  We’re gonna pay a call on The Addams Family.”  What a spooktacular song to totally get us in the mood for Halloween.  Oh, Halloween-the buckets full of candy and treats, the haunted houses, and last, but not least, the costumes!  Speaking of Halloween and costumes—this week on The Adventures of the VIP, I am going to show you how to dress for all your jack-o’-lantern, boo-tastic festivities-whether or not the invite says to wear a costume. Now, let’s hop on our brooms and zoom into fantastic outfits!  Zoom, zoom, zoom, on my broom, broom, broom!

Top: Deep South Pout
Pants: Deep South Pout
Shoes: BCBG
Necklace and Earrings (see photo below for a closer look): Hearts of Stone Jewelry by Rachel Leathers www.hrtsofstone.etsy.com

Monster mash your way into an ensemble of marvelous Halloween spirit—a flowy, pumpkin orange blouse pairs perfectly with jet-black chiffon trousers! Spice up this ensemble with monochromatic jewelry in funky shapes.  This outfit works fabulously for a Halloween dance party, family gathering, passing out treats, or even to fall festivals and bazaars!  It is so easy to dress to impress this Halloween season without the costume!

Top: TJMaxx (Trussville, Alabama)
Pants: Deep South Pout
Shoes: BCBG

“Bewitched, bewitched, you’ve got me in your spell. Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well…you witch, you witch, one thing that’s for sure.” Embrace your good witch side-wear a pitch black top with to-die-for black chiffon pants, a sparkly statement necklace, and a pointy witch hat for a quick Halloween costume that will have you looking like a spectacular glamour witch! Bewitched, Be-glamour-witched!

VIP Tips on Dressing for Halloween:

  1. No Costume Needed:  Work those lovely autumn and Halloween colors into your wardrobe to create instant ensembles that express your love for the season!  You can never go wrong with anything black, sequined, or orange!  By using these essentials, there is no need to hide behind a costume!
  2. Quick! I Need a Costume!:  Are you in a hurry and  need a Halloween costume in a dash?  No fear, my lovely fashionista!  Grab your mom’s clothes from the 80s, tease that hair, and slide into some neon stilettos! Create a totally awesome look in a snap, or should I say in a tease…or two!
  3. Be-Glamour-Witched:   If you are looking for a cute witch costume, search within your own closet!  Pair a simple pair of black pants with an oversized or sheer flowy black top, a black dazzling statement necklace—and don’t forget the pointy witch hat and broom!  This ensemble will make you the wickedly fabulous witch of the party rather than the wicked witch of the west!
  4. Disco Diva:  Dressing as a disco diva is an easy and vintage approach on mashing up your Halloween spirit!  Head on over to your local vintage shop, thrift store, or even shop within your parents closet!  I can see it now- everyone boogying the night away in retro disco suits and platform heels…staying alive, staying alive, I got Saturday night fever!
  5. Let’s hear it for the Boys:  My dear sweet boys, a classic and super attractive Halloween costume is to go as a Grease character!  Put on your leather jackets, slick back that hair, and practice your singing!  This Halloween ensemble will have the girls screaming, “Let’s hear it for the boys”!

“He did the mash. He did the monster mash. The monster mash.  It was a graveyard smash.”  I am going to monster mash my way to Halloween festivities-so tah tah for now, my lovelies!  Have a candy-filled and spooktacularly fashionable Halloween!  I did the mash. I did the monster mash. The monster mash!

Shout out to all my Etsy lovin’ fashionistas! The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching, and let’s all buy handmade this season! Every girl loves jewelry, so why not buy from the most fabulous jewelry artisans! Check out these magnificent Etsy shops and fall in love with all their fantastic merchandise!

Hearts of Stone Jewelry: www.hrtsofstone.etsy.com

Blu Kat Designs: www.blukatdesign.etsy.com 

Beadsoul: www.beadsoul.etsy.com

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn