Beauty Tues: Yellow, Yella’, Yeller

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues. No matter how you say it, "yellow" is just one of those irresistible, happy hues....Although my Southern Belle accent loves to add a sprinkle of Mississippi twang to "yellow" *wink* Now, let's embrace the happiness of yellow and incorporate some of its fabulousness into our beauty routine! But...Abby--how can [...]

In Style Inspiration May 2012

Inspiration?? Where?! In Style magazine, that's where! I was thrilled to discover that between my mom's closet and mine that I had all the pieces to create my May 2012 In Style inspiration outfits! Ladies and gentlemen...let me have your attention please...the VIP is proud to present my...I mean her...latest outfit creations! Presenting In Style's inspiration of Lauren Bacall with [...]