Weekly Whistle: Lovely Lemon + Excellent Emerald


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! 

As y’all know, it is all about yellow, yellow, yellow this week on VIP! The bright and positive energy of yellow is making me shake off my major lack of sleep *wink* Starbucks + bright yellow = a mood-changing combo

So, focusing on the theme of yellow, I created this week’s Weekly Whistle outfit using a fabulous lightweight, short-sleeve sweatshirt I got from GAP + my favorite J.Crew skirt EVER. Combining yellow + green could have gone totally “John Deere” (can you tell I grew up in the country? *wink*); however, unique handmade jewelry made this outfit totally spring chic. 

Keep scrolling for more photos + outfit details :)

IMG_9780 IMG_9782 IMG_9784 IMG_9788 IMG_9781 IMG_9791

Sweatshirt: GAP

Skirt: J.Crew

Wedges: Kork-Ease, DSW

Bangle: Mom’s from the 80s

Necklace: handmade by BluKatDesign

Earrings: handmade by BuriedDiamond


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Beauty Tues: Yellow, Yella’, Yeller


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues.

No matter how you say it, “yellow” is just one of those irresistible, happy hues….Although my Southern Belle accent loves to add a sprinkle of Mississippi twang to “yellow” *wink*

Now, let’s embrace the happiness of yellow and incorporate some of its fabulousness into our beauty routine! But…Abby–how can I put “yellow” in my beauty routine??? Well, I am so glad you asked–let’s take a look at this week’s Beauty Tues board to see how it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!  

Hello, Yellow for VIP

Versace fragrance
$90 – thehut.com

Bond No 9 fragrance
$190 – harrods.com

Spray perfume

Sun Bum sun care

$70 – neimanmarcus.com

Nail polish

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the “hello, yellow” outfit of the week!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Home: Hello, Yellow Spaces!


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Ah! The sun is out, the temps are warmer, and I cannot help but celebrate with yellow *wink* Which means this week’s theme on VIP is all about “Hello Yellow”! How fun and happy, right?! Absolutely! *cue the Beatles*

For “Hello, Yellow” on VIP Home, I am going to be introducing y’all to three fabulous, yellow-inspired spaces that I am head-over-heels for! So cute and so bright with a sprinkle of retro style–my favorite *wink* Now, it is time to get your “Hello, Yellow!” on and take a look at the design board below!

Hello Yellow rooms for VIP Home

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whisle: Summer Slouch Series Outfit 2


Hello, my fabulouses, guess what day it is? Fashionistas, what day is it? Oh, come on! I know you can hear me! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it Mike? hahahahahah Leslie, guess what day it is! “It’s hump day.” WHOOP WHOOP! …

Sorry, I just had to do that–I absolultely adore that camel on the Geico commercial….ANYWAY it is WEEKLY WHISTLE TIME! Yay! So, without further ado, let’s see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is!


IMG_9864 IMG_9874 IMG_9856 IMG_9850 IMG_9885

Blouse: Belk

Skirt: Belk

Shoes: Lucky Brand, Belk

Hat: Cos-Medi Center, Columbus, MS


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

In Style Inspiration May 2012

Style inspiration is everywhere! You just have to search for it!:)

Inspiration?? Where?! In Style magazine, that’s where! I was thrilled to discover that between my mom’s closet and mine that I had all the pieces to create my May 2012 In Style inspiration outfits! Ladies and gentlemen…let me have your attention please…the VIP is proud to present my…I mean her…latest outfit creations!

Presenting In Style’s inspiration of Lauren Bacall with a VIP touch!


  • Every fashionista should own a classy, white skirt! White skirts can be paired with almost anything! It can be made classic and elegant, or funky and bold…with just a simple change of accesories/shoes!
Shirt: The Limited
Skirt: BCBGMaxAzria
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Target
Earrings: my mom's from the 80s
Necklace: vintage pearl lace
Instead of doing a maxi skirt, I decided to do a knee length skirt...because I live in the Deep South;) haha

VIP TIPS: (about hair)

  • Embrace your natural hair! If your hair is curly, wear it curly and messy! If your hair is straight, wear it straight:)
  • For curly-haired gals like me, I totally recommend Redken Fresh Curls spray gel…it works wonders! It takes care of the frizz while giving the messy, effortless look for which we are all searching. When I purchased mine at Smart Style in Starkville, Mississippi, I snagged a smashingly dandy deal of buy one get one fifty percent off!
  • To give your hair a fresh, healthy look, try Ojion damage reverse hair treatment! I am so in love with this product because it took my frizzy, unbehaved hair (remember…I live in the Deep South…the humidity is completely ridiculous!) to soft and manageable!
The next article that caught this VIP's eye was "Color Crash Course Lemon" which was filled with yellow wonderfulness...yellow is such a happy, fun, summer color!
Shirt: Express
Skirt: KLD Signature
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Nine West
I cannot stress enough how much I adore mixing patterns! It is so simple and easy, but gives a look that makes any fashionista stand out in the crowd!
I cannot wait to share with y'all my exciting, vintage-filled, interview with the amazingly talented KK Norris, owner of The Attic vintage shop in Columbus, Mississippi! :)

In Style magazine is a great way to gather inspiration and the motivation to go shopping  in your own closet! Let’s face it…we all want that magazine look, but we don’t always have the time to scour our neighborhoods, towns, cities, metropolises for a new wardrobe each month! That is why I want to assign you the homework of studying fashion magazines to obtain inspiration for new outfits…don’t forget to add your own spin to make it you! It’s as easy as one, two, three!:) A B C , Its easy as 1 2 3 , as simple as do re mi…la la la…that’s all the words…I know…blah blah blah, ABC, It’s easy as 1 2 3……….

Stay tuned to www.vintageinspirespassionista.com for a riveting post about how I found inspiration from an ordinary item from the Columbus Spring Pilgrimage!

Here are a few more photographs…Photograph – I don’t want your Photograph – I don’t need your Photograph – All I’ve got is a photograph But it’s not enough…

Stay fabulous,

Abby Hat.