VIP Home: Blogging Headquarters Renovation Before, During, and After


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP Home!

I have received several fan emails lately about my “blogging space,” and I am so glad that y’all sent me those emails because it inspired me to write this post.  On today’s blog, I am going to share with y’all the before, during, and after of the VIP “blogging headquarters” aka my office *big smile*

To preface, I must inform y’all that I have always adored “roof-top rooms” also called attic rooms or bonus spaces. I am not sure why I find these rooms so awesome…perhaps it is from watching way too much Drake and Josh as a kid–you have to admit that their bedroom was pretty fabulous. Back to my office *wink*– I immediately fell in love with the attic room because I saw the incredible potential that it possessed, and I knew that with a little hard work and some time…and a little money *wink*…it would be the perfect blogging space.

unnamed (7)

Before it’s face-lift, the roof-top room was merely a glorified storage closet. Oh, readers…it was a DIY project gone terribly, terribly wrong. Just because Pinterest says you can DIY your attic space in 10 easy steps doesn’t always mean one should or that it is truly easy…DIYing is not for the faint of heart…I digress….Where was I? Oh, yes. The first time I saw this room it reminded me of an episode of Renovation Realities on the DIY Network. Mixed-matched carpet patches tacked to the floor, crooked sheetrock (some joints taped and some not…I just assumed they ran out of tape and did not think it was important), and floppy closet doors that popped off their tracks if you tried to open them…Phew…I am having nightmares again just thinking about it. Now, don’t fret because it did not take long to get this diamond in the rough in VIP condition *wink*

I did a lot of the renovation myself–the designing, the painting, the assembling of the cube shelves, and even laying the floors; however, my dad gave me detailed instructions and guided me through the process. I had him on speed-dial *wink* I stubbed my fingers a lot, said some pretty nasty things (but it’s okay because Jesus and I worked it out), and put my seventh grade math skills to the test. After just a couple of weeks of dedicated labor, I created a fabulous blogging headquarters–Plus, I feel pretty awesome about my skills knowing that I have a DIY success and not a DIY fail  :)

Now, enjoy the before, during, and after photos of the VIP Blogging Headquarters *wink*

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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