3 Ways to Wear Mixed Blue Hues



Blue is my favorite color–there is no denying it.

Blue blazers are like my power piece, and I admit that I have three different blue-colored blazers hanging in my closet right now along with some blue trousers, multitudes of blue tops, and even a few pairs of blue shoes. There is something about the color blue that makes me feel absolutely fabulous, and I love the fact I can shamelessly and effortlessly wear all of its shade year-round without too many strange looks *wink*

Yesterday on Weekly Whistle, I mixed navy with turquoise, and today, I want to throw it back to some other ways I have mixed blue hues to create unique yet wearable outfits. There is totally nothing wrong with sporting your favorite color from head to toe–or almost head to toe *wink*

Also, to help you blend variations of your favorite hue, this special throwback edition of Three Ways to Wear Thursday also features styling tips from yours truly :)

Way One:

img_4431-2 img_43671

Jumping allllllll the way back to 2012 when the blog was first founded, I did a Henry-David-Thoreau inspired post featuring all-blue ensembles. This is honestly one of my favorite blogs from the genesis, and I’m still a Thoreau fan *wink*


Denim is an easy go-to when blending blues.

Whether you’re topping off an outfit with a denim vest or rocking a thrifted, denim button-front, denim items are easy finds that easily blend with everything else in your wardrobe.

When I go thrifting and vintage shopping, I like to look for unique denim pieces I can wear as is OR look for outwear to DIY.

Way Two:

img_5237 img_5199 img_6181


Mixing blues does not always have to be stately–it can be subtle.

For example, in the looks above, I mixed blue hues with accessories and outfit pieces that have touches of blue in the patterns.

This is an easy way to rock the look without having to plan a shopping trip *wink*

Way Three:

img_9258 img_35601


Play it casual–no where in the (imaginary) rulebook of fashion does it say that we have to make all of our statements super dressy.

So, if you’re a fashionista who prefers t-shirts over fancy blouses, you can rock mixed blues with your favorite pair of jeans and blue-hinted graphic tee and still be #OnPoint with the trend while also being super comfy and confident!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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