MAC Cosmetics Greenluxe Velux Pearlfusion Shadow | MUA Brtittney Moore

Makeup isn't exactly my forté, and I always seem to struggle with trying something other than varying shades of brown and cream. I do the same look day-in and day-out, and to be honest...I have gotten bored with it. So, in search for something new and fabulous, I went to my friend Brittney Moore, who [...]

Beauty Tues: How-To on Fall 2015 Makeup Trends | From the Runway to the Streets (video)

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues. For this week's Beauty Tues, I decided to get my vlogger on *wink* So, check out the video below to see how poor my MUA skills are + see how I feel about the so-called "trendy" looks in makeup. Click here to see the Harper's Bazaar article I [...]

30 Day J.Crew Challenge: 2 looks in 1

Hello, my fabulouses! I am skipping ahead a week to celebrate the First Day of Autumn! Come on, who wants to wait until September 22 to celebrate one of the best seasons of the year!  Oh, the weather is magnificent, and the this outfit is absolutely fall-tastic! So, let's celebrate autumn a week early with today's [...]

A Fun Day at Belk The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama

One thing this VIP fashionista absolutely loves to do is shop! Where is one of my favorite places to shop? Belk, of course! What modern Southern Belle does not enjoy the one-stop-shop experience at Belk?! You can get fabulous shoes, apparel, accessories, fragrance, and makeup all in one spectacular store--talk about perfection! Now, I want [...]

Designers, Dog Treats, & Vines

Well, hello there, VIP readers! It has been a super busy week for me between studying for exams and meeting  fabulous and terrific people and designers at Gus Mayer in Birmingham, Alabama! It was such a delight to meet and interview designer Gene Kargan of Lola and Sophie--whose blouses are so versatile and super flattering! I absolutely cannot [...]