Beauty Tues: How-To Nail Blue Eye Shadow in One Simple Step


Blue is one of those colors I have always loved, but at the same time, it has always been one of those colors I’ve been afraid to wear on my eyes. Who’s with me?


As I have gotten older and learned (some) of the ways of the makeup world, I have had to remind myself that colored lids are okay–I have had to remind myself to get out of my earth-tone comfort zone every now and again for something more WOW and FABULOUS.

So, for this week’s Beauty Tues in celebration of the beautifully blue Spring skies, I am going to show y’all how-to nail blue eye makeup in one simple step.

Now, let’s hop to it! *hit it DJ!*

The VIP trick on nailing blue eyeshadow in 1 step:


Applying colored eye shadows with a damp brush (or use an eyeshadow stick like this one) makes the color stick to the lid + helps keep the hue strong. The trick to this little tip is to follow the crease of your eye (like in the photo above) and apply more “coats” of the dampened eyeshadow to strengthen the richness of the blue. All in all–playing with colors is all in the eye of the beholder–pun intended–and by following this easy step, you will nail the blue lids just like Elton John nailed that song *wink*
IMG_2077 IMG_2078

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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