Weekly Whistle: Zoolight Safari 2012


Hello, hello, hello, my lovely fashionistas! If y’all were wondering why this week’s Weekly Whistle was not posted on December 19, it is because I was volunteering at the Birmingham Zoo for the Zoolight Safari! It was so much fun, and I just had to share it with all of you! Since I was unable to walk around and take adorable pictures as usual, I gave my mom permission to be “Miss VIP Jr.” as I took up tickets for the train ride! Let’s just say my mom had a lot of fun “playing me” haha:)


A short tour of the Birmingham Zoo’s “Zoolight Safari” brought to you by the VIP’s mom, Chasidy Hathorn!

Sweater: The Loft
Blouse: The Attic (Yes, I let my mom borrow my beloved vintage pieces.)
Pants: The Loft
Shoes: Sanuk
Purse: Vera Bradley

I styled my mom’s outfit to help her to be comfortable with her new Mini Med Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump with CGM. My mom is a type one diabetic so finding the prefect outfit is key to being comfy and confident!

IMG_7910 IMG_7912 IMG_7916 IMG_7865 IMG_7871 IMG_7869 IMG_7917 IMG_7881

I met  a lot of amazing people as I volunteered at Zoolight Safari on December 19! There were lots of laughs and smiles as I got random hugs from joyful kids who thought I was Santa’s helper. The event  that made my night was when I met several very enthusiastic girls who thought it was “totally boss”  that I write a blog, newspaper column, and style outfits for a magazine at 17.  Totally boss…I might have to start using that…

IMG_7883 IMG_7885 IMG_7886

I could not do all of the fabulous things I have done without my amazing parents! Thank you Mom and Deddy for everything y’all do for “the sake of the blog”! From shopping sprees to staying up all night planning photo shoots, there is no way I could do it alone!

IMG_7923 IMG_7921

This basically sums up how ridiculous my Dad and I act on a regular basis...got to love us:)
This basically sums up how ridiculous my Dad and I act on a regular basis…got to love us:)

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Happy Holidays to all! May your holiday events be filled with love, laughter and fashion!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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